The Origins of Tuuli: To Be Masked

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Origins of Tuuli: To Be Masked

Demo - Made in 4 days

Follow Tuuli in the discovery of a mysterious artifact that’ll initiate an unforgettable journey! A short yet sweet experience; “The Origins of Tuuli: To Be Masked” contains charming characters, colourful graphics and retro-inspired music that all contribute to an experience that we hope will bring back memories of your favourite childhood games!

Art, Design & Programming:

Programming & Narrative: https://twitter.com/that_david_huh

Music and SFX: https://twitter.com/Prutte94

Narrative: https://twitter.com/Meydri2

Discord: https://discord.gg/8s4thNx

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/prutte-1



Use arrow keys or WASD to navigate the menu.
Select a button by pressing Enter or Spacebar.

Move with either arrow keys or WASD.
Jump with spacebar.
Dash with shift (once it's unlocked).
Press any button during dialogue to make it go faster.
Press Enter or Spacebar to move to the next dialogue state.


Use left joystick or the d-pad to navigate the menu.
Select a button by pressing A.

Move with either the left joystick or the D-pad.
Jump with A.
Dash with X (once it's unlocked).
Press any button during dialogue to make it go faster.
Press A to move to the next dialogue state.

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I want mooooore! Very promising demo that was over too short. Had cute characters that I got attached to and some solid, if basic, platforming. Looking forward to more.

Theihe responds:

Yeah I just saw on twitter!

You're right about it being a demo, I don't know how we overlooked such a simple thing, I think it got lost when we were rewriting the text to hit the deadline, to say that we've been too busy to notice is a bit embarrassing haha! I've edited the description vuv

We sat down and watched the video together and had a blast!
Thank you for your kind words!

"And it's not blue... *chuckle*" was my favorite part ;)

Here's FuturecopLGF's video!

Very nice, promising game demo. Love the music and artstyle

Theihe responds:

Happy to hear you enjoyed it!

cute, very zelda-ish

Theihe responds:

Highest of compliments <3 Thank you

The game's really friendly. The graphics are mild enough and colourful. The story is nice. The music is just lovely, including the melody change on the event. The narrative part is well made. Among the disadvantages I could name the fact that the game is short, and the roughness of title graphics. Safe A mark for a cute and peaceful story.

Theihe responds:

Yeah there are for sure some things that needs to be ironed out, along with some bugs that seem to pop up here and there. D:
I'll send on your words to Saga and David <3
Thank you and have a good day!

It was cute. Sure it was fun, but, too short to enjoy properly.

Theihe responds:

Yeah it's true it's a bit short, but it's what we managed in the 4 days we worked on it vuv
I hope you'll stay tuned for future development!

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

May 28, 2019
9:21 PM EDT
Adventure - Other