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Wario Ware Art Collab

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Over 15 artists came together to illustrate the Wario Ware characters in their own styles.

Navigate the gallery with the arrow keys. Click on the characters to go to the artists' pages.

Video Version: https://youtu.be/ifgBeZzp8lU

High Res. Pdf Poster (Free Download): https://www.dropbox.com/s/n6ogr0npq1c21t3/Wario%20Ware%20Poster%20Final.pdf?dl=0

Music by:
Club Wario Inc by Forgotten Dawn: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/589234

Wario- Uncle Jeol- http://twitter.com/Joel_Masada
Lulu- Kamicciolo- http://twitter.com/AttackKami
Jimmy T- Will- http://instagram.com/wills_random_artwork
Mona- Micro- http://twitter.com/microlasticfan
Dribble & Spitz- Antoniomabs- http://twitter.com/antoniomabs
Ashely- Dafi- http://twitter.com/Dafi757
Red- Funnyboijulius- http://twitter.com/funnyboijulius
Dr.Crygor- Losmobol- http://twitter.com/LuisMiguelVlez1
Mike- Mr.Snappy Eagle- http://twitter.com/mrsnappyeagle
Frunk- Uranium- http://twitter.com/uranimus
Doris- Broken Oreo- http://twitter.com/JordanOral
18Volt- Datbx.txt- http://twitter.com/datbx_
13Amp- mamaweegieswag- http://twitter.com/BovellRonald
Penny Crygor- Nappy Im Kappy - http://instagram.com/KappyArt
Kat & Anna- Maik - http://twitter.com/El_Mike_03
9 Volt- Hopeless Rom. Knk- http://twitter.com/KaiNovaKnight
Cricket & Master Knight - Gen - http://twitter.com/gendrawsthings
Orbulon - Dimitri- http://instagram.com/__dimitri______________
5 Volt- Taboban- http://twitter.com/taboban
Amy & Mimi - Pakku Pakku Kun - http://twitter.com/KunPakku
Mr.Sparkles - The Egglord - http://instagram.com/grapedaped

A collab organized by Dimitri, brought to you by Antonio (MabsArts)

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Really liked the random nature of the WarioWare games, and this art was no different, I loved it. Great job!!!

The art and music is really nice. The final product of collabs are always really cool to see.

Keep up the great work.

4.5/5 stars because I'm not really sure why this amazing art is categorized as games, should be in the art portal.

Mabelma responds:

Thanks for the awesome review!!! Figured since it was an interactive app it should go on games. I doubt the art portal takes .swf files

I never heard of Amy& Mimi. Did I miss a Wario Ware game?

Other wise great art!

Mabelma responds:

Could be, they hang out with Jimmy T in WarioWare Gold, really happy you enjoyed it. Thanks for the comment ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™