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Flap Cat v1.3

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Check NG leader board for your high score!

Update 1.3
-Added cut scene intro to the game.
-Added second boss fight.
-Added a new medal for defeating second boss.
-Added new medal for collecting 20 cheeses in a row.
-Fixed other minor bugs and issues.

Update 1.2
-Fixed boss glitch. Now you should have to hit boss three times without dying to defeat.

Update 1.1
- Added a new medal for defeating Boss Cat.
- Fixed leader board issues, should track correctly now.
- Added a way to beat boss.
- Lowered boss spawn to 120 points
- Red Pepper mode now flashes when about to finish

Tap or Click to flap
Collect cheese for points.
Collect Cat Nip to slow time.
Collect dynamite barrels to clear obstacles.
Collect red peppers to gain a point multiplier and partial invincibility for a brief amount of time.

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Why this game has to be so awful? It doesn't have to be this way.

ussualy not a flapy type of game player but this was fun and not to difficult to play and pretty addictive nice game the art could use some work on the back ground

Nothing Ive never seen before. Also, maybe its me, but the musickinda bugs out and stops playing at times.

cheesydev responds:

Thanks for your feedback. Ill investigate audio bug asap.

I like the power ups, the tapping feels un responsive at times and I don’t think the music is working.

cheesydev responds:

Music should be working, volume is low, though. Try to refresh page for other issues until I update. Thank you.

i thought this game was pretty fun and definitely not spam. A way to beat the boss would be cool because it feels like youre pretty much done once you get to him.
-nice improvements it really improves the experience and i finally beat that damn red cat

cheesydev responds:

Just released a more stable build where you can defeat boss and unlock medal. Hope you enjoy! :)