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Tito in the Bounty Debacle

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My senior project film made for CSULB's College Of The Arts. It was screened at the Laemmle Theater in North Hollywood, and now it's here for all of you too see. Much like my previous animation, this is also mostly traditionally done with pencils, papers, and this time watercolor backgrounds and editing effects in After Effects. Hope you all enjoy! ;D

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Yesss! This feels like a good classic

Ooh fucking nice brother!! Keep up the awesome work as per usual and congrats on the front page!!

SteLomation responds:

Thanks so much! ^u^

Always great to see some traditional 2D animation, considering most animation I see today is Flash and 3D, though there's nothing inherently wrong with those mediums overall. Great job on this! You may have a bright future in the industry coming your way :)

YESSSS, please more of the classic animation. Also, the pencil look is really good here and works well with the concept. It has a very raw energy to it, which is refreshing.

SteLomation responds:

Ha ha. Thanks a lot! I appreciate your kind words! ^u^

I like the tasmanian tiger's walk cycle the most.

SteLomation responds:

Oh hey! Ya noticed me! Thank you so much! :D That seems to be the one thing people are amused by the most. lol