Paradise Lofts v.032

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Hey folks, here's the latest drop of Paradise Lofts. I completely overhauled the nav engine and a few other bits, so should make playing the online version much better. Before, we had flashing screens and wonky shit happening. Unfortunately, there's still some lag on this version and we're trying to discover if there's more we can do to minimize it.

If you don't like lag, no worries, just go download the free version via Patreon or our website. PC/MAC/LINUX/Android
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ParadiseLofts
Our House: https://www.paradiselofts.com/

Patreon Updates:
This latest version is just beginning to show a semblance of what we're envisioning: what will be a random and active world, with plenty to do, whether you push the plot lines or play casually. New material includes: 1) Possibly meeting the wealthy bachelor and maybe even obtaining the registry book. 2) a visit from Detective Amanda if you gathered enough clues. Learn her motivations. 3) convince Polly to model for you. Different game options will open based on whether you sweet talk or manipulate her: the St Andrews Cross game, if you play it a bit sleazy, straight sex if you're a gentleman. You can always circle back and do both (you don't have to reload a save). 4) Talk with Dex again after he tells you he needs more models. If you have enough demon points, you can offer to get photos for him unethically. This leads to the window game, but it's in its infancy. Eventually, timing and zooming will play a role in how good your snapshots are.

Online version
Yeah, so this version is missing the newest, newest material, but we're leaving all the animations from Peepshow that are included in the Patreon. Things to do: talk with Zoe at the mailboxes after the visit from the cops. She's an easy lay, and may provide valuable info. Try not to piss her husband off too much. If you happen to see Butch and Zoe in the windows, prior to Zoe offering you sex, you can call her out on her bullshit when she tries to convince you she is single. Or you can fuck her, anyway. If you're playing "good" you can make an arrangement with Butch before he kicks your ass.
You can do the Sandra photo shoot and if you have enough angel or demon points can get a head start on earning the "smooth talker" badge. Jane and June are twins. June lies and infers she is Jane. If you happen to stumble over June, more often than Jane, she may offer sex. It weird, random, kinda easter-eggish, but eventually you'll be able to sweet-talk your way with her, anyway. You can discover the truth of the twins either by getting drunk and playing Tune in Tokyo often enough with them, or by talking to them enough to clue you in, or by getting head from June and then asking for it from Jane, 'cuz you thought it was her all along.

Things coming in the next version:
Fix the broken journal and Jane/June modeling gag. Add more audio to rotate in the cue, and to enhance the sex scenes. Opening up The Top Hat and the Paradise Naturist Club. Meeting several new characters. Two or three new peepview animations. May start experimenting with voice-over work.

Constructive criticism always appreciated.
This project has been an enjoyable and valuable experience. I came into it with little understanding of code, outside of building a few webpages. While I've hit bumps, there's been a lot of, "oh, that's cool" moments, too. We have enough material to carry on for a bit, but if not enough folks are digging it, of course, we'll bail. We'd rather see it to the end, so please comment and let us know what we can do better – what would you like to see improved, added or shredded? What could we do to help draw a larger audience, if anything?

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Despite the lag, it's pretty good even though there isn't much to do. The only problem is I have no idea what to do with the twins, how do I fuck them even?

BaMedia responds:

Yeah, this whole bit is a touch too random, and I won't be doing other puzzles like it in the future. The first twin you talk to will be Jane. Ask about her, but do not talk about yourself. The next encounter is random: it could be Jane or June. If she can't remember your name, it's actually June you're talking to, not Jane. Talk about yourself to her, but avoid that topic with the real Jane. The second time around talking about yourself with June, she will offer you a blowjob (while still pretending to be Jane).

Thanks for the comments!

Its a really good running start, the setting, the art, and the mystery are all fun and enjoyable to me. I would remove walking around inside the complex (stairwell, etc), if there's nothing to do there yet, like how you can't go to the club yet. The twins are super weird, not sure about them. Also seemed strange you could just keep going to bed and never get the maid on Tuesday. It plays super slow on here, I had a much better time just DL the game. Good demo though!

BaMedia responds:

You're the first to mention the maid not returning. There's a reason for that and it will come up later, actually. Great catch! Sincere thanks for taking the time to provide some insight, and we are taking yours and others' comments seriously as we continue to develop this.

I'm a bit confused, I'm not sure I've done everything possible in this version yet. I've fondled June and I've fucked Zoe. Is there anything to do with Jane and Polly?

BaMedia responds:

The current Patreon release has some action with Polly, so it'll be out soon. I responded above regarding Jane/June. You can get a blowjob from June. We'll be adding more and more sex scenes and PeepView animations with every release, so hang in there. :)

this is a really good game

Congratulations you have been blessed with 5 stars

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May 23, 2019
6:14 PM EDT
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