Taffy Tales (Version 0.9.2c)

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Update to the latest version here: https://www.patreon.com/UberPie
If you keep getting out of memory or any other errors.
Please check this information.
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This release maybe very heavy for running in browser.
If you can't start the game, please try to download desktop or android version for free!
Here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/taffy-tales-v-0-27067843
I hope you won't put 0-2 stars only because you can't start the game.
Thank you so much!
Taffy Tales patch v.0.9.2c notes:

• Updated/redrafted text part of the several scenes of Clara's route.

Taffy Tales patch v.0.9.2b notes:

• Added a choice to stop Darnell at the start of Sara's route.

• Improved in-game dialog box.

• Fixed the problem with save code in the main menu and in the game. Now they are the same.

Taffy Tales patch v.0.9.2a notes:

• Added/Continued 4 storylines involving Sara, Mary, Darnell, and Chantelle.

• Added 35+ new full scenes with 70+ unique images (including new unique backgrounds).

• Added 4 new locations(Darnell's hallway, Darnell's room, Darnell’s Home Front, Mall Front) with unique background images.

• Added new female characters Chantelle and Mia.

• Added new skins and animations for MC and Sara.

• Added two new buildings at minimap(Darnell’s Home and Mall).

• Added new animation effects for the in-game scenes.

• Added 10+ new short scenes.

• Added new items to purchase in the general shop.

• Added new items to discover.

• Added new quests & tasks.

• Updated ingame gallery.

• Reworked prologue with MC's storyline.

• Reworked a LOT of characters poses.

• Fixed bug with a dialog box, when it doesn't appear.

The previous release from "Taffy Tales" series is here:

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here is some much needed feed back you might need to work on the font size and colour cos within the first 15 seconds i had issues reading the text as white on the light blue was hard to read and started sending my eyes crazy cos white on light colours compaired to black on the lighter colours would be way more easier to read

Good art but the moronic writing completely ruins it.
Becca already wants to suck my guys cock so does my retarded character spend 10 minutes on spanking and calling her a slut instead of just getting his dick sucked?
I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of BDSM but the evil side of my guy is just completely unnecessary to enjoy the game and completely infuriating to read. You say there will be an option to not have stuff we don't like so hopefully we can get rid of that shit.

I played this in a single sitting and mostly enjoyed it.

The art is fantastic and most of the scenes were also fantastic so for the most part it's a really great game I look forward to seeing updates for.

However the reason I chose 3 stars instead of 4 or 5 is because of the "Nice" version of the main character. You somehow managed to create an insufferably stupid AND cringe le nice guy. You seem to have written him as someone who isn't sexual at ALL, only masturbating once and have had him cum in his pants from visuals alone after several years of never jerking off since his first time. I don't understand the point of this in a sex game, one that is so directly focused on dominating women sexually. It just doesn't make any sense.

I'm fine with him starting off as the meek nerd who gets bullied, but you can't reveal him to have a 6-pack and enormous dick and expect us to be okay with the fact he's a giant pussy. I initially figured he would slowly become more assertive and "combine" with his subconscious self as it seems like the logical thing to go for, instead we're forced to feel bad for playing the game you made. I already personally dislike treating Clara so badly, I also assumed the main character would go between treating her like a slut while also being soft and loving, a REAL manipulation tactic that would confuse her until she gave in to her desires. But, either way, instead of letting us enjoy the game you decided that we should be confronted with the idea that it's wrong.

You also have the main character be and overall moron, why is he so painfully cliche with being bad with women? Being invited out for dates and deciding to throw a fucking ball around? HUH!?? The fact that I was relieved the "evil" version was the dominant character further in should tell you how bad you've written this character. When you tell me to name my character, hell, when you expect me to play your game, you should understand that I'm putting a part of myself into the character. When a character says "Sir X" it feels nice, when "X" is a dumbass who can't take a hint and stutters with every social interaction, it feels horrible and embarrassing.

To fix this I would recommend giving us an option at the start to choose between Regular/True Domination or something along those lines. Letting us choose to play a more "evil" way means the writing doesn't have to conflict to awkwardly, the internal fight is fine at the start because it IS just a normal guy who's suddenly fighting his repressed desires, but when you have some chick screaming in pleasure, anxious for your dick, why would you freak out and question whether she wants you? It just takes so much away from the established story. I want Clara and the gang to slowly succumb and have the main character be the driving force behind it, not have one half cry about how bad it is with the other just taking over anyway.

If he cared THAT much then surely he'd fight it and go to a hospital for help, his other half just forced a woman to strip and suck his dick and he spends the next few interactions saying how bad it is, that she doesn't want it!!! Then just fucking ignore the bad guy and get help.

Along with this, the guy is a teenager, he's at his most sex crazed point in life, you're trying to tell me this kind of guy isn't drooling at the thought of having a MILF beg for his dick?

If we take out the bullshit parts of writing then you did a really good job but honestly, the game became a bit of a struggle at points simply because of how you decided to create the character and the conflict.

I would highly recommend rewriting a lot of it or making a second option of writing that caters more towards what the game is actually about.

It's too bad the game isn't complete yet, but it's AWESOME. Thank you

Can't save the game without a cheatcode. It's a good game though, but its a pain to go through the storyline again.

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3.92 / 5.00

May 23, 2019
3:27 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating