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Keep Breathing

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Breath - Left Click

Move Left - A

Move Right - D

Jump - Space bar

Game Developed in 48 hour at the GamesUPM GameJam 2019.


Ángel González (@agonesc)

Javier Creis (@CreisJavier)

Mauro Rodríguez (@SamberoDev)

Adrián González (@irx99)

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i actually really liked this. it reminded me of how my breathing patterns change when i experience my anxiety attacks. suddenly having to breathe quicker/more shallowly. not sure if thats what its about but it felt relatable so!

That was an interesting experience. I try to look for hidden messages in games like this, and I think that's what I liked about it, it giving my over-analytical brain something to ponder. I saw it as semi-literal, I guess. Maybe it's about someone with a health problem (mental or physical) just trying to survive through the day. It could even be symbolic of emotional things, life feeling "suffocating." I didn't fully understand the part of being in a bubble at first before I realized it was likely metaphorical. Like there's you, there's your problem, you're stuck with it and you're struggling to just survive. I took the lack of other people as a symbolism of feeling alone.

Honestly I liked this, even though the gameplay was a bit frustrating at times I did get to the end and enjoyed the minimalistic, pixelated style. I like art games that allow me to think like this, so even if it probably isn't something that I would see myself replaying often (no offense) it's good fuel for my overly analytical mind. Sorry for the ramble. ^-^''

I dont know the story of this but it was really cool to play it.

Not a bad game but playing on a laptop without a mouse made it hard but besides that it was fun.

Amazing game, but I enjoyed the game less than I thought I would at the start due to not knowing much about what's going on. At one point I was in a bubble and had to breath much quicker, but then a couple seconds later I wasn't with no explanation.