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This is probably the most action packed and ambitious animation I've ever made. (Some shots took me more than a week to shoot!) But the amount of fun I've had with it and watching how it all came together in the end was crazy. I wonder if Lego animations break any rules. idk tbh I'm still new to this site. Enjoy!

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LEGOmation on a whole other level here! Even if the final fight almost moves a bit too fast sometimes the choreography and coordination is just amazing, camera movement at the same time, music, comical moments in the midst of the action, even a witty finale! Can't imagine how long this must've taken to make. Would've been worth a top score even if it completely lacked a plot there. Solid. Looking forward to anything more like this.


Great work, movie theater worthy! Great dialogue! Some advice: now that you've made this, make a patreon page and put it in the description!

EdBound responds:

I've had a Patreon for a bit and I can't believe I've forgotten to put the links in the description to my videos. wowie. Thank you for the tidbit!


now that was dynamic.

'Batman doesn't kill people' my ass.