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How to be popular: Say you're a girl

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It's an okay animation. I'd advise you try to put a little bit more effort into changing your voice and maybe add a few frames. Otherwise good work.

Onemanshowoff responds:

I really should add more frames to make it more lively, as for the voice, I'm kind of stuck with it but thank you, I'll see what I can do for later projects

Less animated more animatic. Still good just feel like it's mis-tagged.

Yeah not gonna lie seeing the trailer for this hurt. The part where she's like "I won't have a man taking credit for a woman's work" right after she tells the techy nerd guy to refit the original suit worn by Batman for her was some next level hypocrisy. Not sure what kind of mental gymnastics you got to go through to not see how that's a little contradictory but then again that would imply there was a thought process behind this.

I really think they could've just taken one of the batgirls and instead of rewriting the (presumably) Christopher Nolan lore to have had batman train one of them on the side, they could just be inspired by him and want to take up the mantle in their own way. Hell Harper Row has the same haircut as the lady in the show, she's smart enough to have hacked into Batman's security network, and used a homemade taser to beat up her gay brother's bullies. It sounds like a stereotypical woke character but I remember her being moderately well received across the board.

Admittedly long rant aside, good stuff dudely. Your voice works perfectly here.

Onemanshowoff responds:

That was more a review of the trailer than this parody, however, I agree very much with you.
Also thank you <3

Funny how they try to deconstruct stereotypes, by using more stereotypes.

me having a spunky oc with short hair and a lot of piercsing,i fell attacked
and as a animation,meh,it really justa slideshow and thye tone of your voice doesnt really make it better,something more silli could have worked

Onemanshowoff responds:

I agree it could've been better but a this was all sketchy cause that seems to be the animation way I know how to work with, and as for the tone of voice, yeah I'll admit I didn't try too much. This whole thing I didn't try too much, it's like a sketchy animation that I felt like doing at the time, a short simple thing. I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself well enough but I will try to make my voice more diverse and not bleh, so thank you for that.

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3.03 / 5.00

May 21, 2019
3:38 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody