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The Past

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This is a shortfilm made by animation students from the university of volda. Enjoy!

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So unusual finding something with subs where I can actually (mostly) understand the language being spoken. :) Really cool. Subs don't always stand out that well on lighter backgrounds, though.

As for the story, voicing, animation, everything: I really like it. It's smooth, detailed, unsuspectingly expressive sometimes (like with the widening eyes), with solid voice work and effects... and when you add in the color... really is a religious moment. Making everything without color from the start it really strikes you when it appears. Do wish it would've ended in a more finite way somehow too but... it was a beautiful as it was.


beautiful, i can agree

This was beautiful.

Wintering monochromes

This is why, after all these years, I still guard the Portal. Whatever else I do while I am on Newgrounds, I check in at the Portal and VOTE. Often it is a slog and sometimes I wonder why I bother, then I see something like this...
Striking, interesting and perhaps thought-provoking, with quality music, sound and voices, it was enjoyable. I am not sure if I fully understand it, or even if it is meant to be fully understood, but I am confident it will do well here.
I enjoyed the different images you gave the people and recognised the plague masks. Its a grim world you have created.
I interpret the coloured images at the end as a metaphor for some kind of story-telling that brightens and gives something to their lives.