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City of Broken Dreamers

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Please note due to some restrictions in a web based format, the following has been removed from the main game: animations, music and higher quality images, due to size. If you would like to play the game with all of these features intact, please visit https://www.patreon.com/phillygames

"City of Broken Dreamers" is a game currently under development by PhillyGames. You play as a Ghost, a bounty hunter for hire. Ghosts often have the backing of the rich and powerful and are thus almost immune to the law. Among Ghosts, you are considered one of the best, but behind that lies a man running from his troubled past. Your next contract is a young girl with a hidden and troubling secret. And when you face her, you’ll face your demons as well. You will meet a large cast of characters, both allies and enemies. How you interact with them will be up to you. Do you keep it professional? Ditch them? Or take them up on a night of hot, steamy, -- well, you get the point.

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It's been awhile since I played an adult game this good, and the last one was another Philly masterpiece. Didn't even check who made this and went into it blind, got blown away, then when the credits rolled it all made sense. Thanks again for another great game Philly, I hope I can see more of this later.

its only clicking and picking random answers. also skip does not work. im here for nudes not for clicking my mouse to death.

AMAZING art work!!! You should try to make this into a small clip. I bet that it would look GREAT! You have talent! Keep up the good work!

Great work, as is typical for this author. The music and the visual fidelity are so much better in the HQ version. Strongly recommend giving it a play over the free web version.

Why not give it a higher rating? Simply put, harder games get lower ratings. This game has a lot of nuance and subtlety, which certainly has its appeal but also makes the game extremely difficult to play _as a game_. The difficulty could be mitigated by some combination of a robust save/load system (in game), a walkthrough, and/or a list of who has what scenes, otherwise unlocking all the content becomes extremely difficult. I also couldn't figure out how the potential clue system worked, which I'm not sure is a minor disappointment or a game-breaking flaw. I feel somewhat bad not giving this a higher rating, but I expect choices in games to have immediate and obvious consequences.

Take out the adult content and set it up as a console game once all episodes are completed for one hell of a story game.