Kingdom Hearts: Make Things Right

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Avoid the load time and download the game! Just extract the files and run the .exe!

Windows - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EXkKT3TfUhQutVNdoZGnUTaqR710deGd

MAC - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VGlqn--sQhgB5CSVwDpWVCdEFSLvoz1u

You play as Master Aqua! Aqua spent over 10 years trapped alone in the Realm of Darkness. Her friends all struggled in different ways in that time.

After being rescued, Aqua and her friends destroyed their enemies and ended the long war. But Aqua isn't satisfied just yet. Many of the guys in her life went through hell and she feels responsible. So now she has taken it upon herself to make things right!

This game is in development. At the moment only the Ventus route is available. When the game is finished, there will be 4 total character options with each character having both a minor reward and a major reward to unlock. The 4th character option will be a foursome!

Play the game with additional bonus scenes and options over at Patreon! Your support has been making this process possible!


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nothing works on unity change it to another system

I wish I could play as aqua :(

really cute

The eyes and the dick are just horrifying and wrong.

Interesting anims, story is cheesier than 70s porn flicks...