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Unstable Engineer

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The Eager Intern 10 Points

Learn Z's real name

The Absent-Minded Researcher 50 Points

Learn Q's real name

The Secretive Engineer 100 Points

Learn X's real name

Author Comments

A mysterious facility has hired you to test out their strange devices. Gain their trust to uncover the secrets of this place!

This is a spinoff/prequel to Unstable - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/698969 - with a completely different style of gameplay. Feel free to play either game first!

Played with the mouse, but with some keyboard hotkeys:

SPACE: Play/Pause, Confirm, Continue, etc.
ESCAPE: Cancel, Open Menu, etc.
Arrow keys/WASD: Look around
SHIFT: Speed up (when playing), Advance step (when paused)
BACKSPACE: Restart Test
1-6: Blueprint upgrade hotkeys

A 1-man production.


NOTE: Most won't have this problem, but for those of you finding the saving unreliable, you may find trying a different browser will help. (Technically it's to do with how regularly your browser syncs its IndexedDB storage.) Unfortunately, due to how Unity games are hosted on Newgrounds, I can't fix this without wiping *everyone's* save data. I'll bear this in mind for future games, and I'm sorry to those who've had trouble.

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Very cute and interesting game

Clever puzzles and design! Feels like a Switch game, even though I don't have a Switch.

this is the best game I've played in a long while. good job!

After many hours I finally beat the game, though it was kind of a torture, since my PC kinda slowed the blueprints movement down a bit, just enough to make the 2 levels of X that are like time-trials, impossible. I was afraid my game wouldn't save like others mentioned, so I didn't want to refresh, but after checking another tab I had open, the page somehow refreshed itself and my progress was luckily not lost. Then I was also able to finish those 2 levels. The last level of X also took me an hour to figure out, very hard one I must admit.
Now I have 100% trust on all 3 characters, but somehow only the medal for X unlocked. The medals for Z and Q should also be unlocked, but aren't, I guess my connection was kinda bad before the refresh and it didn't register, but I don't really wanna play 80% of the game again, so please try looking into this.

(Spoiler alert)
I'm looking forward to a sequel where Z and me can be "healed", since I guess after choosing "yes" in the end, my ingame self is also emotionally dead like Z, and I would like to make things up and punish X. Though after reading his talk about raising an army of kittens earlier, I first believed the end would be him taking over the facility and creating a blueprint army. Not sure if I'm happy or sad it didn't happen, but maybe in a possible sequel? ;)

PS: if my medals get fixed somehow I may raise my score to a well deserved 4.5/5
So now it's -1 for the bugs and -0.5 for the very repetive music that loops like every 15 secs and never ever changes. Maybe a different, longer track for each zone would improve things.

game and art style, I like both!

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

May 17, 2019
8:44 AM EDT