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A Film About a Peacock

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A film about everything except a peacock. Made for my capstone class in a 10 week period.

The music piece was edited by the wonderful 1029Chris

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I love this!

Fantastic. What a wonderful dinner.

Heheh, this was a bit bizarre, but I really dig the art style and animation, smooth & clean ^_^
I also like how the mood changes throughout the whole thing, it's peaceful at first, and as the wine glass gets filled more and more you can clearly see that this green organism starts losing its sanity more and more and as soon as that peacock is finally cooked, the setting is weird & disturbing for a moment, and then everything ends :D

The mix of this seemingly calm scene at first with those sudden moments like when the telephone and TV were broken and the cat simply got thrown out of the window was really nice :) The music accompanied this piece very well, too.