S.h.e.l.t.e.r. - An Apocalyptic Tale 0.08 Updated

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The day everyone feared, the day everyone hoped would never come, arrived in the form of a nuclear cloud. The government shelters, built to save and protect the lives of its citizens soon crumbled from overpopulation and lack of food.
With no other choice, many tried to find another life by returning to the surface. Unfortunately for them, they traded a slow death from starvation for the painful death from radiation. These were the only options for those who survived so far... but not for you.

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Where tf do I find the downloadable version because every time I try to load this I get an error message

i have been trying to play this game but i keep getting this message
Welcome! Click Open and load your zipped game/ folder!
can anyone help me

winterlook responds:

Try out the downloadable version and see if that helps.

Simply amazing pure genus right there gives me hope in humanity again!

Quite a good game, all things considered. The writing comes across as a bit sexist at times, though. Particularly Oscar's early dialogue about the women all being emotional and the two of you needing to lead/breed them. Later he pretty much implies that the only job Melisa could get was as a whore. It's a subtle implication, and seems intended to be more about how sheltered she is, so I understand if it wasn't intentional.

A few nitpicks:
The air filtration and hazard suit are to protect against airborne radioactive particles, commonly called "fallout". You wouldn't clean *radiation* off of the suit, you would clean dust and other potentially radioactive material off of it. Basically: shower off while wearing the suit, remove the suit, shower off again, and you're good.

Short term exposure to radioactive environments also wouldn't cause sudden fatigue or health problems as shown in Kira's first trip outside. The effects would slowly grow over time, depending on the rate of exposure. If contaminated with radioactive material (for example, breathing radioactive dust), the effects may *continue* to grow. There are no treatments to treat the actual cellular damage caused by radiation, but there are ways to remove this radioactive material from the body and prevent further damage. One such treatment is Prussian Blue. As an amusing side note, apparently it can turn your sweat blue. That could be a fun detail to explore with Kira, who is regularly exercising and sweating anyways.

It's not clear what exactly Oscar and Angela did before the war, but most of the medical and radiation advice I've mentioned would seem to make more sense coming from Angela, as she is a supposedly a doctor. It would also help to flesh out her character beyond the "sexy nurse" stereotype.

A sealed bottle would be unlikely to be affected by fallout, though it would be best to rinse the bottle to clean the outside of any radioactive dust. Radiation doesn't itself contaminate things, though radioactive *material* can be spread, and continues to emit radiation.

Is there a way to download this?

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3.78 / 5.00

May 15, 2019
11:17 AM EDT
Adventure - Other