Pit King

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High Scores

1. fkjadsfjks 15
2. B4LL3ST3R 14
3. FarSeerPT 10
4. hibub422 9
5. ZachyT2923 9
6. bannedbanner 7
7. medos 7
8. Elfy5891 6
9. TheNixPix 6
10. SierraRising 6
11. charry2601 5
12. dexxed001 5
13. Wikipedo 5
14. TemerroTudai 4
15. NewgroundsEO 4
16. McJohansson 4
17. OmArElKaHkY2015 4
18. veceira 4
19. Name315 4
20. 1sirdeath1 4

Author Comments

Jam game made in 3 days for Ludum Dare 44 and polished after as a webgame release!


You're the king of the skeletons!
You start as a small Skull, but eager to protect and shelter its gold against every single looter that dares to march into your pit!
What better defense than your mighty bones? Settle bone turrets, bone walls and bone bombs; against the armies of the human king.

# Controls:

- WASD to move
- Right mouse click to shoot
- Left mouse click to build and upgrade turrets
- Pressing Spacebar on Upgrade panel will upgrade your turret.
- Pressing V on Upgrade panel will deconstruct your turret.

- Pressing Escape during dragging a deployable will cancel it.
- P or Escape for Pause.

# Credits:

- Programming: Jesús Perez @oultrox

- Art: Orlando Guevara @veryeviltomato

- Sound mixing and editing: Marcel Antonorsi

Although we did not produce the sound samples, our team member put great work into mixing the audio samples into good quality SFX.

Special thanks to www.freesound.org for its wonderful platform and all of those brilliant people who produced the following items: https://pastebin.com/HP2ZCDLm
Also special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the exposure of his great work: AngloAzulu.

We're greateful for your kindness.

Entry: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/44/pit-king

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I got level 75 and decided to just let the game win. My score didn't get logged!

Great game especially for 72hrs. I look forward to future builds now that you have time, and constructive criticism from everyone.

Simple fun game, would like a pause button when upgrading maybe but, not needed. Game worked for me, enjoyed it a bit. Doesn't have enough, (what can I do next) to make me anxious to return to it, but would surely recommend others giving it a try. Solid fun.

Oultrox responds:

I'm glad you liked it! thanks for the fair feedback

Extensive feedback:

It's a fun game, but it does have a lot of niggling annoyances:

-You can deconstruct turrets, but not fences...very annoying, especially if you misplace a wall!

-When you click to upgrade towers, it covers a lot of the screen, meaning you can not upgrade quick enough if your character/ screen is positioned in such a way that you have to move character up/ down to upgrade turrets you couldn't select (hope that makes sense)

-rather than have a click and place method, I am sure a numbered system (ie, tapping 1 to build wall, 2 for turret and 3 for bomb) would be more than efficient and easier to manage this kind of game

-have an upgrade for the wall system? It reaches a point where the only thing you can do is rebuild walls as quick as possible and the game becomes a bit pointless after, as you can not build more turrets to fend the enemies off (and even if you did I think it would be pointless as the turrets have a certain range and building walls caps the range of turret...catch 22 :S

-bombs are useless, maybe a ranged turret could be added instead?

-no specials, like I dunno, a bomb that blows up all the enemies or a special that heals the health of your turrets/ walls

-Finally: I think you need to give the player a bit more time to rebuild the base in between levels. Unless that was intention...because the only way to survive long enough is to build enough walls to cover the turrets and we know that adding more turrets is pretty much pointless, even when upgraded. You can not expect the player to be able to build insanely fast with a defence and attack cap based on how this game runs. It would be like giving someone a machine gun and increasing the volume of zombies attacking you. Eventually, the amount of enemies you kill vs super influx of enemies are negligible. Anyways, gg, but could be better :)

Oultrox responds:

Thank you for the feedback, an update is comming taclking the hotkey issues and buffing the bombs to a wide and more powerful range.

We couldnt pull off everything to a perfect level due to the game initially was made in 72 hours but we do have some plans for updates.

We're also planning to add bit more of delay between levels indeed.

Balancing the game is a huge thing to us and it's actually pretty complex, the last thing you said, without it, it'll become endless and such, not challenging, as we can't add hundreds of types of enemies, but we'll still tackle most of your feedback so thanks again!

This games probably pretty good. My issue is that I couldnt play it because it says "Press any key to continue", but when i press the power button on my computer it just shuts everything down instead of continuing.
Please fix this issue.

Oultrox responds:

You have to press the switch light on your room, that's all the fix I can give, take it or leave it.

I like it!. The game sounds pretty good,the sound effects sound good, the difficulty is balanced, game looks great and the game is fun!.

Oultrox responds:

Thank you! :D

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

May 15, 2019
11:03 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense