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D.Va cum selfie timelapse

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12 hours of screen recording condensed into 14 minutes. This should give you a feel for my process.The actual work took much longer than 12 hours, amongst the things not recorded were:

- Most of the times I was rendering previews
- The second half of the cum simulation, it just gets too slow and I was tabbed away doing other things
- Any time I was looking around other files
- That one 45 minute segment where I just forgot to press record ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- Anything off my main screen, mooost of what I was doing is visible but as an example, the animation curves window isn't visible while I was using it

Really useful links:
All my work - http://raxastake.com/blog
Support my work - https://patreon.com/raxastake
Follow me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/RaxaStake

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@Cthunder no one never said it was

Nice, things like this should be more available because people still think this shit is easy.

Important question: where do you get Overwatch nude models? Thank you and keep up with the amazing work!

Really impressed with that amazing work, from you and the rest of the great artists here, working for Overwatch topic.

I have no words to describe the amount of respect I have for you and your efforts. ♥♥ This is gorgeous~