Coco & Zin's Ruin Escape

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Paralyzed Coco 5 Points

Coco being paralyzed by bugs

Paralyzed Zin 5 Points

Zin being paralyzed by bugs

Sticky Coco 5 Points

Coco being trapped by goo

Sticky Zin 5 Points

Zin being trapped by goo

Slaved Coco 10 Points

Coco being slaved by ???

Slaved Zin 10 Points

Zin being slaved by ???

Coco's Escape 25 Points

Complete easy

Zin's Escape 25 Points

Complete normal

Coco's heart 50 Points

Complete easy without losing any heart

Zin's heart 50 Points

Complete normal without losing any heart

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Archaeologist Professor Joseph and his two assistants went into an ancient ruin for exploration. Unfortunately, this place was cursed and full with all kinds of hentai traps. Save them from the ancient curse!

Mouth is only needed, just click around
Full screen and mute button on the up-right corner

***Nudity Cheat version***
Cloud drive games pool:

***Easy mode play through on Youtube

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I play on a touch pad tablet. This is surprisingly difficult, I tried easy mode and had problems with the 1st puzzle, but I overcame it, 2nd puzzle was easy, boss fight was impossible. Even with touch pad, I couldn't get to the weapons in time. Even if I did, I would be in a rhythm of always clicking the weapons. When I tried clicking the red exclamation points I found I had to be extremely fast, but going between the weapons and exclamation points at that low of a reaction time is nearly impossible. Then I tried Normal difficult, oh man that was a mistake. I couldn't even get past the 1st puzzle, the farthest I got was 3/4 of the air pump meter filled before the scarabs paralyzed her. I know you can rip off clothes to get them off, but that barely does anything in Normal difficulty.
If I am using a touch pad and I am having problems after numerous tries, how do you think a Mouse player will fair?
My suggestion to better this game is to increase the time it takes to be paralyzed in Normal difficulty and reaction time in the boss fights of all difficulty's.
I imagine getting the 3rd character means beating the game on both difficulty's and getting all achievements, but at this present moment that is extremely difficult and nigh impossible.

Great game! Worth the challenge! ;)

This had potential but the bugs were disgusting

At first it was frustrating that the first stage some time couldn't be click and I chose Zin first so it was FREAKIN DIFFICULT

I get it, it was bad of me to go 'Hard' at first try, but goddamn that goo stage for Karma. . .
It was so hard that I wanna curse the author who made this nightmare for 2 sex scenes.

At the same time, the fulfillment after it was pretty sweet. Like I can barely gripping on my chair as how intense it was for me to beat it without losing any hearts.

Thanks for making this bittersweet game. 4 stars from me

PoliuxDimension responds:

Thank you, I change a lot of aspects in the next game, queen's commando, so some of the weird issue in this game is gone in the next game. I expands the sex scenes to 6 and provide story mode for one who only want to enjoy sex scene.

no this is my milkshake

Credits & Info

3.06 / 5.00

May 10, 2019
5:29 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click