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Rogue Courier EP03

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UPDATE 9/20/2019: Added an option to "Try Again" on space shooter, so you don't have to go through all events and tutorials over and over when you fail.

Note: to those that are new to this game, I highly advice you to go play EP1 first https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/682800

then EP2

I can't reply to all complaints here because you simply didn't play the previous one. You will get disoriented, so play EP01 first.


In the vast expanse of the universe, a story is unfolding. From a dark past to a darker future,... experience, power, fame, and wealth is worth a fight. But what really matters is the fucking. Lots and lots of it.

Play as Kouia. Browse the fabrics of space to find great adventures.


It took us quite a while to post this last part of the trilogy. We had to remove a lot of stuff and reduce quality in order to get pass NG's filesize limitation. And FINALLY!!!...She gets the "D" as most of you have been waiting for. This will be the last build that will be uploaded here in NG. But there's more!!! You can follow the continuation of our game on our website roguecourier.com.

This project has been kept alive by our beloved supporters in


help us grow if you really liked the game. There more stuff to be made so I will appreciate all the help I can get.

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Pro-tip: To make the first space battles easier, switch the Pulse Shield by the Twin Cannon to increase your firepower and kill enemies faster.

If you have problem with the last boss, Massive Photon Laser + Argon Overcharge + Big Plasma Thunderwave + Argon Laser will kill it almost instantly. It will require some pirates/raptors farming, however.

just buy the argon laser to beat the fella lmao, just go right up to him and use it making sure to keep it on the main part of the ship and fella will explode in a few sec (You'll win as long as you don't have like 150 health left)

its at the very bottom of the ship part place and it costs 5000, might seem a bit expensive but you wont need it anyways lol

You can move up and down to avoid the missiles and you can also hold down left click to get through the dialogue faster.

I can't get past the first fight. Way too hard. You should have a difficulty setting so those who aren't good at bullet hell games can still see your incredibly hot animations.

Oops! Too hard. Try more difficulty levels next time.