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Bad-ish (Less Than Less Than Rad?)

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Some radishes are rader than others

Not something I made specifically for pico day, but i thought it would be fair to chose now to upload it as like i may have said in my post, newgrounds is the reason my radish animations exist.

As for what this evenis, I had to do an animation final, and instead of doing something new, i thought it would be interesting to tackle a uper condensed radish animation. It partially felt a bit lazy after i chose it so i tried to give it more substance to makeup for it. I think it came out ok. doing a pink and white radish was a bit annoying though. I also made it loop. because looping is nice.

The radish song might not even be good on the ears at all, but ive had it blasting in my ears so much i think its good.

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So it looks like some of your pixel is in there and the flow of animation is really good a good frame per second I take it, some nice action scenes onlything I wish is that it was a tad longer anyways nice job

wish is was longer


somebody please calm this radish down, its way too cool

like this

Now this was pretty rad! Feel like some sound effects along with the music might have made it even better, but as it is: what a trip. Perfect loop too, though maybe not fully with the music.


Best loop of radish ever! Wonder what kind of radish loop you will come up with next year. :D