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Phoenix Vs. Pantera

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This is the public release of my game, Phoenix Vs. Pantera, based on a digital image set of the same name.

Public release at my Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/bomb

Preview of Patreon version here: https://www.svipvids.com/2018/08/07/phoenix-vs-pantera/

Controls/How to Play:

A = High Attack/Stomp(opponent downed)/Hard Slap(opponent stunned)
-While oppenent is laid out after a special submission, press A to continue the "assault"

D = Mid Attack/Choke

S = Low Attack/Kiss(opponent downed)/Atomic Drop(opponent stunned)

Back = Block High or Middle Attack

Down = Block Low Attack/Pin Opponent

Up = Lift Opponent

Directional Keys = Recovery

Special Submission: Lift opponent, then while holding them, press the D key. The lower their health, the greater the chance they'll be put into a completely vulnerable state.

On the character select screen, use the arrow keys to select who you want to play as.

Game is very simple. Blue Bar is your stamina, and the yellow bar is your HP. Once your HP runs dry, stamina recovers very slowly.

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Amazing game, might get the Patreon version if it allows me to change the HP and what not.

game seems to be broken for me. both fight and watch take me to a blank page

kinda hard to understand but still pretty fun

I love the game can you please put pinfalls in I would love to see that

bomb-A-HEAD responds:

Thanks! There are pinfalls in the full game.

I love playing and watching this game, I hope to see more like this from you. Maybe you could have the girls lose, or have there cloths ripped of during the match