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The DeLuca Family

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Our protagonist lives a peaceful and uncomplicated life. That uncomplicated life turns into a rather complicated one when he receives a letter from a mafioso, who tell our unfortunate protagonist that due to his parents past, he is now under a mafia contract. He is to serve for a mafia family, but not just any mafia family. The DeLuca family. One of the most dangerous and infamous criminal organizations in the country.

Follow the journey of our protagonist in which he tries to gain the trust of the DeLuca family, befriending the two daughters of the family. Befriending the wife of the capo bastone. Doing the inhumane acts of killing just to rise through the ranks to be respected among the other soldiers. All the while he tries to find a way to break the contract and be free of the mafia family. Or perhaps he will end up turning into the greatest mafiosos of this generation?

The game is very heavy on the story so do not expect too much explicit content of yet.
It has been converted to HTML with RenPyWeb made by Beuc.

(Downloadable version at patreon (full quality and free roaming))

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i liked it

Cool game

Great game. would recommend it to anyone. an awesome setup story even the way it is complicated which makes it more inviting. All in all its great

Tried twice to load the game. Always getting the error "An exception has occured."

While running game code:
File "game/Story.rpy". line 1676. in script
image flashback beach gun="Story/story3/flashback gun polunt.jpg"
Exception: Possible infinite loop

Full traceback:
File "game/Story.rpy". line.1676. in script
image flashback beach gun="Story/story3/flashback gun polunt.jpg"
File "renpy/execution.py". line 39. in check_infinite_loop
Exception: Possible infnite loop

Maybe its line 59 in the full traceback. the resolution is ugly af in this error screen. Had to zoom in 200% to even read a sht.

Great game. I recommend downloading the offline version though, and that goes for most games on here, they run way better when its not in the browser.