The DeLuca Family

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Our protagonist lives a peaceful and uncomplicated life. That uncomplicated life turns into a rather complicated one when he receives a letter from a mafioso, who tell our unfortunate protagonist that due to his parents past, he is now under a mafia contract. He is to serve for a mafia family, but not just any mafia family. The DeLuca family. One of the most dangerous and infamous criminal organizations in the country.

Follow the journey of our protagonist in which he tries to gain the trust of the DeLuca family, befriending the two daughters of the family. Befriending the wife of the capo bastone. Doing the inhumane acts of killing just to rise through the ranks to be respected among the other soldiers. All the while he tries to find a way to break the contract and be free of the mafia family. Or perhaps he will end up turning into the greatest mafiosos of this generation?

The game is very heavy on the story so do not expect too much explicit content of yet.
It has been converted to HTML with RenPyWeb made by Beuc.

(Downloadable version at patreon (full quality and free roaming))

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Great game, but I was unable to find any of the scenes with nudity. Also it says "image unlocked" but I have no idea how to see the images.

I love this game. It's perfect in my eyes. My reasons: 1) Realistic feeling 2) Story is grand 3) Mafia scene is unique 4) Art style beautiful to look at 5) Plain and simple Deadly Women 6) Leader of the family is a woman, great call 7) Characters are unique, written great, and lovable 8) Favorite characters "Luna" and "Cordia"
I do recommend to keep focusing on story and character development, these two thing are the most important in my option.

Very well written game, with fantastic well designed and well written characters.

I really look forward to seeing where the story goes. The girls are all very lovable and their interactions feel very believable.

After finishing this demo, I immediately downloaded the game from your patreon and played the proper version, so my review will be referring to that one.

That out of the way:
Holy shit, this game is good. Like, really fucking good.

Firstly, the character models and animations.
Nowadays, everyone and their mom downloads some engine and makes a 3d adult game, but hardly any of them look decent. This one, however, is fucking beautiful. The character models are well-designed and look like actual humans and the backgrounds? In the event with Luna that comes after those in the demo (The Cave), I literally stopped at that one scene after everything goes down and went "holy shit, this is not a picture for an newgrounds adult game, this is a wallpaper". That being said, huuuuge praise to you for adding the screenshot hotkey. Also, even the main character looks great and that part where he looks at the Serpent is too damn good. The ONLY thing I personally didn't like that much is that in some pictures that involve nudity, the skin looks a bit plasticy and the girl's breasts sometimes seem a little too round and solid, looking a bit fake. But it's really hard to animate these things realistically and it still looks fucking great.

Second: Story and writing
Just... damn. There are a couple indie adult games with really compelling stories and this one is definitely up there. The setting is great and gives opportunity for a really exciting story, adding the Serpents and Jalen makes for a great basis for things to come. In general, there is so much going on - in the good way. You set up a great, exciting universe with a lot of potential plot-points and gave every character their own issues and backstories without it feeling unrealistic or forced. It all feels natural and you become immersed in the setting with all the threats and tensions going on.
I love the characters and the relations. Of course we, so far, lack some depth for most characters as we haven't really gotten to know them that well. The character that I feel gets the most exposure in the current free version is Luna, despite not having that many events. Luna is also easily the best written character and thus the most interesting one and she has a great synergy with the MC, most of their interactions feel really natural. She's also beautiful and fun and I love her, but that's beside the point. Gracie, despite having the most events, is still quite flat as a character but that is also just who she is and obviously the game has hinted at a lot more involving her so I'm excited to see how that goes. Despite that, her development is fairly fun to follow (not only for obvious reasons) and I still like her. Isabel is a surprisingly well-written femme fatale, I really like the speed at which the game develops the MCs and her relationship, while "flashing" her intentions from the start (see what I did there?). There is also more depth to her (you know what conversation I mean) and it, again, feels surprisingly realistic and makes her way more likeable than nymphos in these games usually are.

As for the guys and all other characters, they are really well-written and fun. I don't quite like Antonio but I don't think anyone is supposed to, he's kind of a dick. In general, all conversations feel realistic, the jokes are usually really fun, some parts made me "lol"(Again, see what I did there?). The only negative thing might be the slight overuse of people semi-jokingly calling each other stupid, but that can mostly be overlooked. I also fucking love the butler guy who's name I somehow just forgot.

Thirdly, gameplay and design
Again, the setting allows for great opportunities gameplay-wise. The RPG-style Equipment and quest system is great and it feels fun to grind a bit, upgrade your skills and unlock new equipment. It starts slow, which had me worried, but once you reach Rank 3 it really picks up the pace and becomes fun rather than grindy.
The choices are fairly simple but good and it's extremely helpful that the game immediately shows the results as little +/- messages.
The free-roaming is really well-done as it doesn't have long loading times and it's easy to keep track of where everyone is at certain times. In that same vein, I also really appreciate the fact that the game does not work on a clock-system because these games are so fucking hard to keep track of and getting through just one day usually takes forever. The daytime-system this game uses is a lot more user-friendly and fun to use.

-Again, the nudity scenes sometimes have the characters looking a bit plasticy. It's nothing bad but if you feel like going over it for the new scenes, those might look even better.

-It might be fun to offer more choices that involve stats. That might be something you plan on doing in the future, anyway, but just in case you weren't; I think it'd be cool to be able to change scenes depending on your choices and stats, rather than just giving choices that only change how the characters like you. I for one would've loved to approach the girls in the Cave scene with a maxed out "threat" stat. In fact, giving me more options in that scene might've messed up the whole "pacifist" thing I had going until then, but alas, I couldn't. Which, I mean, was obviously the only logical thing for that scene and all's well that ends well buuuut... I feel like "approaching" them might be a fun thing to do after quicksaving. Just sayin.

-It'd be great to see the time of day while looking at the quests, More than once did I forget what time it was when I went into the menu and then just had to keep trying to do the nighttime-quests until it was actually nighttime or completely close the menu just to check what time it was.

-Maybe add more spying content, there's a huge market for that and it would make increasing your stealth stat more rewarding.

Shit's good. Real good. One of the best games I've ever played on here and Luna is honestly my favorite girl out of all these games. She's just so damn adorable, badass and crazy at the same time. The gameplay is really fun and the combination of this dating-stuff and a mafia rpg works super well and is really well implemented. I believe that is what imo makes this game surpass other games of its genre. These games are usually extremely repetitive in the long run and normal slice of life shit usually odesn't keep me entertained, but this combination makes it a lot more entertaining both gameplay and story-wise. The story and writing are really fucking good, the game is both exciting, fun and emotional and has a ton of potential. I can't wait to see more of this and am genuinely considering to make this the first ever game I pay for on patreon once I have the cash. Also, I haven't checked out the German translation yet, but if you need more help with that, hook me up, I'm German and if it gets me content early I'd probably pay to work for you lmao

HopesGaming responds:

Thanks for the nice words!
With such a lengthy review I feel I should address some of your questions:

The plastic nudity. I will look into that. My art has changed a bit from the first part of the game as I am constantly learning. So hopefully I can fix the plastic part.

Stats will play a bigger part in the future. There is a morality stat in the game (use camera or audio, look or not look at the dead guy, spare or not spare mercenary, etc.) and that will really go off once the MC gets a bigger role with the Family

Spying content is something I postponed a bit due to prioritizing on the story and characters. But it is definitely I will go back to and add proper content to.

Yes, got a couple of request for the day time while doing mission contracts so will try to implement that in.

Thanks for the review.

Great story.... I want to know how it ends... =(

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3.19 / 5.00

May 4, 2019
8:43 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating