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Potion Panic

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You play as a newly-minted apprentice to a wizard, taking over their traveling potions cart.

Mix together ingredients to make zany potions, helping to cure (or exacerbate) your customers’ ailments.

Created by
Hessvacio Hassan (https://hessvacio.com/)
Andy Lohmann
Justine Raymond (https://www.jmarieray.com/)
Olga Andreyeva (https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/xantara/list?title_no=210538)

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Pretty good. reading other reviews i thought it'd be really bad, but it's good! Only thing is it's a bit slow and as Bowlingishard said, I had to restart everytime i want to make somethin new. Other than that, it's good!

Good effort, nice art but I gotta restart every time I want to try something new. I also didn't receive any direction or goal to go for, and I kept making the same potion with different ingredients. But thats some nice art at least.

Anyone notice the many different looks on the customers? Good consistency.

Cute game. I like that there are different ailments and that you can do a lot of combinations. The problems I have with the game is that, as sakura said, the restart takes you away from the experience since you can´t keep trying out the potions, that a lot of the combinations I did ended up with the same result (turning him into a werewolf) and that the ailment keeps changing with the restarts so instead of focusing on trying to fix a problem I need to think of the multiple problems that come

This is a really cute game with charming visuals, relaxing colors, and a nice beat. I only wish the game would not completely restart when I want to make a new potion combination as I want to try all the combinations out, and the restart both slows own this process and interrupts my immersion. My favorite ingredient is Unicorn Tears.