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VR Toga Preview (Not Finished)

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Hey Everyone!

Please enjoy a 30 second preview of the VR animation im making this week. This is just 1/3rd of the animation i'm going to make. Its not fully polished but I hope you enjoy it none the less!



Toga and Deku by ChrissCross

Ultimate male Donger by Shaotek https://sfmlab.com/item/467/

Map by Mark2850 https://sfmlab.com/item/3410/

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don't listen to the haters we love seeing new content, I myself am some kind of weird audio perv so that's why my rating is what it is (no sound) but I like your work in general so keep doing what you're doing and if you need to release previews to get the hype train going do it.

Don't release it if it's not finished.

ShamelessDegenerate responds:

Valid idea. But also.

I went dark for 2 weeks last time on a project. I'd rather share my progress.

This was my Ted talk.

Thank you for coming.

It looks nice, but it feels kinda bland, i know what you're going for but it just feels like it's not entirely there.

ShamelessDegenerate responds:

Everything isn't entirely there yet but it's supposed to be a 1:30 minute loop for VR. Without the camera movement I would normally add it feels off and the drawn back POV doesn't help.

Tis just a preview after all. :)

GREAT SO GOOD!!!, buttt considering the fact that i know the NG rating system, if you were to "polish" it a bit more id say just add some pov camera movements, make sure toga's hair doesnt clip, go in the motion editor apply some smoothing to exaggerated parts of the animation,and always make sure that midoriya is moving.

Stay lewd.

ShamelessDegenerate responds:

Ratings be damned. I felt bad for leaving it with 2 weeks of no content when I made the last one. :P

And those are for sure what I intend to Include. I plan to make two separate versions. One that's fully and nicely set up camera wise etc. But also one a full VR video. So this is a semi preview of what it will be like in VR :)

Not having cam shakes does feel off when not in VR so I should have just added some for the sake of the preview.

Ah well. :P

But I'm glad you like it so far! It's only going to get better.

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3.08 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2019
8:26 PM EDT