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Bubble Horde Deluxe

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Update 1.2: UI updates and minor bug fixes.

3 game modes to play through.

- Bubble Horde - Pop bubbles to add to your score. Miss 100 and it's game over.

- Triple Threat - Pop 3 bubbles in a row to add to your score. Hitting a bomb once or running out of time ends the game.

- Endless Horde - Pop bubbles to add to your score. You can't lose, Have a blast!

- 6 backgrounds and 3 songs to choose from.

Note: You can mute music at any time by pressing "m" and change songs anytime by using 1, 2, or 3. Press P to pause and unpause.

Download the game here: https://ghostdatamedia.itch.io/bubble-horde-deluxe

Available for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ghostdatamedia.bubblehordedeluxe

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So I could pop every ballon i clicked IDK what @yologamerXX
is talking about but any ways I like the game it does get boring quick but it makes me wanna play guitar hero a way you can improve this game is make a number two and instead of click use keyboard and add music and make castle (rep newground) or any thing to defend against ballons and you can make it horzion line of keys then hit on timing or vertical hit key when you see ballon in its lane PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE AND MAKE THIS GREAT GAME IF YOU DO ILL GIVE YOU MORE GREAT IDEAS K

GhostDataMedia responds:

Thanks for the honest review, as for making a sequel, no thanks. I like your idea but we're done making casual style games. We are moving on to making more ambitious games in the future and I hope you play and enjoy them!

kinda basic, and sometimes when i click on the bubbles it doesn't pop.
make something unique.

GhostDataMedia responds:

I'm not sure why bubbles don't always pop when you click them, you are the only person to report that so far but I'll look into it. As for "making something unique" we intend to. Our next projects will be more ambitious so hopefully they will be to your liking.

Credits & Info

2.85 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2019
5:01 PM EDT

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