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I'll be waiting

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Made for Ludum Dare 44

In order to progress, you must upgrade yourself with orbs.
Trade your human skin and organs for something more powerful.
It's the only way to find her.

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Would love to see a sequel to this one absolutely rocked

If you have time, I would love to see an expansion on this game. I really enjoyed the concept, and as another commentator suggested, a mode in which you can choose to ignore the upgrades is great fodder for different branches the game can go into!

um, the controls suck. I can't use em. LEft-handed with a function deficit, trying to do a strictly-left-handed button press when you can't use your other hand for jumping or movement? not working. at all. try again, please. However, upgrading yourself ws fun! (I'm a transhumanist, occasionally, so I get the point from the comments.) like the music... the little sound effects are like farts though... ew.

I was looking for the mute option, and tried pressing Esc. That sorta kinda bricked the game.

As for the game itself, I find that being forced to use the "upgrades" takes away from the message; if the upgrades simply made the platforming easier, and as such you had to decide wether or not to get them, the end would hit much harder.

The jump sound effect is a bid loud and jarring compared to the rest of the game. Also can barely tell what I'm looking at, my player's a little black box, title's nothing but black boxes, I see white fog, purple fog (platforms?) and a cyan moving one that I can't reach. I assume that the assets of the game are muddled up bc of my browser tho
The concept for the game sounds great but I can't really play at all