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Snake Dominated Tribe Girl (Version 2)

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A Filipina Tribe crossed paths with a giant snake, over fear the snake might harm her, she attacks the snake only to be defeated. Instead of eating her, The snake had other plans. She wraps her up tight and begins fucks her pray, she submitted to her dominator while the snake is giving her a strong message that he is the king of the jungle, not the human girl

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It sounds like you’re plunging a toilet, but no hate towards the animation

It looks nice, however i'm not sure if it's because you tried extending it or editing in certain shots/angles it feels like it's lagging in some places, got to the point where i had to keep up the timer for the video to fully make sure it was playing, however i like the 2nd pose and shots a bit more shows off the amount of skill you have since it allows to show off your skills when it comes to shading, and tones.

OneManArtist responds:

Hi there, and thanks so much for the info . This was my very first animation in the NSFW industry and I really worked hard on this. Yeah, this animation isn't very polished, the snake head wasn't animated and the colors of the background and the shades are kinda off, etc. Well, there are more rooms for improvements in the future. I have an upcoming animation that'll be released soon. It isn't any better than this one, but atleast the animation is now kinda polished and the colors are bit improved.

Animation is neat, but the sound needs some work. She sounds less like moaning and more like I-am-choking-on-my-own-breath-due-to-pain... unless that was the intended result.

OneManArtist responds:

Yeah I agree with you there. This was my very first animation ever. And when I started, I couldn't find any good sounds on the internet. I didn't have a single penny to hire a voice actress, so I had to improvise. I have an upcoming animation to be release soon and not sure if its going to be anything better. Probably a bit better than this one. But I'll leave it to the audience to decide.

this was beautifully animated! only gripe i'd say is not having the dual dick that snakes are known for in both holes,

OneManArtist responds:

Yeah I agree. I was aware of that in the beginning but didn't bothered about it, its because I wanted to create what I wanted to look like.

No pares, has mas y si es bestiality mucho mejor

OneManArtist responds:

Si senior! gracias. Can't really understand spanish so I google translated it.

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3.46 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2019
2:06 AM EDT