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Finn's Fantastic Food Machine

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High Scores

Top Scores
1. MightyMacaw 48,300
2. Nirag 48,200
3. Fivemoonz 48,100
4. Needasweet 47,800
5. Exe928 47,700
6. Trerro 47,600
7. Legan0 47,300
8. tricks33 47,200
9. flipout6655 47,200
10. VEEAXIS 47,100
11. NoGramarr 47,100
12. ClydeTheYam 47,100
13. Papakrow 47,100
14. Yoshistar2 47,000
15. justKnight 47,000
16. vanczar 46,900
17. photenix1 46,900
18. jetstream8 46,900
19. Saioji 46,800
20. Alawi 46,800

Author Comments

You and your friend have found an investor who's willing to work with you to realize your dream of running a restaurant. You've built a fantastic machine to help you. So now is your chance; don't mess this up if you want to stay in business!

Catch plates as they fall from the food machine, and make quick work of serving them to the correct customers. Don't keep them waiting, and don't drop anything!

- Arrow keys/WASD to move
- Spacebar (or up/W) to serve plates

- Programming, music, & sound by Joshua Stone
- Graphics by Alexander Stone

Watch the official release trailer:

- Added reward of more points for centered plate catches
- Increased serving range slightly
- Added arrows to teach the player in the first level
- Added road noise ambience to endings (removed kitchen ambience from winning ending)
- Made plate letters more legible
- Improved keyboard functionality

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Esta chido master

This game is simple and fun, and to my pleasant surprise, has an end! So often these types of games are just left at "keep going until you fail or get bored," there is a certain catharsis and satisfaction to having an end screen that doesn't just tell you to try again. Thanks!

I have been on newgrounds for a while and I got to admit, this is one of the best games I have seen on this platform!

-It's simple
-It has a nice soundtrack
-Amazing gameplay

It's just amazing!


43700 don't know if that's a high score. But this was a surprisingly fun game and for some point in time I thought it was one that would go on forever but i guess not but was surprised that it had so much life in it and the music kept me going more than anything!