Finn's Fantastic Food Machine

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You and your friend have found an investor who's willing to work with you to realize your dream of running a restaurant. You've built a fantastic machine to help you. So now is your chance; don't mess this up if you want to stay in business!

Catch plates as they fall from the food machine, and make quick work of serving them to the correct customers. Don't keep them waiting, and don't drop anything!

- Arrow keys/WASD to move
- Spacebar (or up/W) to serve plates

- Programming, music, & sound by Joshua Stone
- Graphics by Alexander Stone

Watch the official release trailer:

- Added reward of more points for centered plate catches
- Increased serving range slightly
- Added arrows to teach the player in the first level
- Added road noise ambience to endings (removed kitchen ambience from winning ending)
- Made plate letters more legible
- Improved keyboard functionality

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Straightforward, user-friendly, uncomplicated, gradual (as opposed to stressful) increase in difficulty, clean graphics, and entertaining (never gets annoying) music. Kudos!

Great Game, really like the tight movements and the smooth animations, as well as the simplicity of the art style. added with increasingly hectic gameplay, First run had only one strike and the beep made me jump it startled me, most of that is probably from the stress the gameplay puts onto me. Again, great game

LightWolfStudios responds:

Hey, thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed playing.

Made it through first try with 2 strikes. Whew! I admire the simplicity, but also the constantly switching tactics. From catching things from the right tubes, to quick entering of a combination. I like the simplistic character design, and how that ended up making the main character look like a Super Mario World turn block with inverted colors. The music was sweet! Loved the jazzy sort of feel. The occasional top hat was a fun little addition, and the whole game really kept my brain going. I admire this game as much as art times a million! (I like art a lot.) Nice work! 10/10!

LightWolfStudios responds:

Hey, we really appreciate it, thanks! We tried to do everything we could to make the game feel as polished as possible. :)

Only as complicated as it needs to be, very easy to understand, very fun to play. Surprisingly catchy track, it would've been really easy to have put in a song that would have been very irritating to have looped.

LightWolfStudios responds:

Hey, glad you like it! I tried to make sure the music was fun to listen to throughout the gameplay. - Joshua

very simple

very fun

good job

LightWolfStudios responds:

Hey, thanks! :)

Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2019
10:48 PM EDT
Skill - Other