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It's finally out! what originally was supposed to be only 3 months of production turned out to be the better half of the year due to Microsoft's constant updates and Adobe's terrible recovery system.

But hey! it's here in all of its glory! Well, it's no supposed to be the most cinematic experience ever, mainly just something to show what an average episode would be like if West Tree Hero Force was an adults cartoon, same goes for the animation, i didn't wanna break my back and spirit going full force 100% of the time, i took a more limited approach beause i also know how much studio execs and producers hate effort.



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7:42 LOL

The frame rate was not too bad in this video. Some of the sound design was mostly solid, but I'll admit some scenes could be better paced.

Well I wasn't going to invest time in this, but it was one of those things that I needed to see through to the end as I saw more. Some of the writing is a little weak, and the animation and designs are all over the place, but ALSO GOOD part of the time too. More than anything I can see a lot of effort went into this and inspiration from a bunch of different anime, so I want to express the positives more than anything. I think the biggest laugh was when you used that screaming clip during the wrestling, you know the one ;)

For character designs the blue girl's nose kind of makes her look like a smurf, which kinda kills any of the sex appeal when shes bouncing her boobs around. Not sure if its intentional or just an initial design you stuck with. There were some lame bits in the writing, but enough positive to keep watching. Keep doing what you're doing and work on improving, but maybe also stick to the simple art style with some refinements going forward as most animators tend to work way too hard on quality and just stop putting out content cause it takes too long and is too hard.

That was pretty funny but I have to give it one Star less due to the art. And I know it's an artistic choice but I just found it too distracting.