Paradise Lofts v.022

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Please excuse the flickering screens and slow download. We've improved or eliminated the flickering on some screens, but this is a large file and it will take us time. Between that and the lag, I highly recommend you download this latest freebie here, if you wanna play a better version without those issues.: https://www.paradiselofts.com/download.php

After it first loads here, expect a few seconds of lag on the opening screens. It gets a bit better once the game starts. Screens with action elements tend to flicker with mouse movement. If you discover more issues, please tell us. We're trying out some things to see if we can side-step these problems in a better way, for future online versions.

This is not a mouse-click-mashing "get-to-the-tits-right-now" kinda game (not yet, anyway), but if you do wanna see some fun and original animations, just peek out the bedroom window at any time. It changes at random, and we will be adding hundreds of activities in that scene throughout development.

Gameplay tips:
* Talk to Dex after his first conversation, before doing the photo shoot, to extract more information
* Talking Sandra into posing completely naked requires a perfect way with words. However, if you have 3 angel or demon points, either lay on the charm (or sleaze) to make the challenge easier.
* June is not her twin sister Jane, but poses as her often. You can uncover the truth of the twins either through in depth conversations, or by having sex with June when you think it's Jane, or by getting drunk and playing a game with the both of them.
* Getting to the sex scenes is easy with some, hard with others. As we fill this world in with more and more characters, we hope it will be fun to have a variety of challenges.
* Peek out the bedroom window often. If you see Zoe and Butch in the windows before you meet Zoe, you can call her out on her lie about being single

PATREON version
* Go to the mailboxes the day after you talk to the cops. Talk to Zoe there at least twice (over two days), and take her home if you want.
* Make friends or enemies with Zoe's husband, based on what you do with Zoe
* See more of the upcoming locations and characters

If you play through the game more than once, pick different options. You'll discover a lot of subtle nuances and different ways events move forward, and varieties of how problems can be solved.

Our Patreon
We could really use the support, so hop on board if we're making something that might entertain ya. And if not, let us know what we can do better.

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The game glitches for a black frame whenever I move my cursor while outside or looking through the window. I am using a mac but I doubt that is the source of the issue. Game seems nice, but its really glitching out for me so I can't tell.

Whenever I invite Polly or Jane to the photo studio they say they'll go, but when I leave them and then arrive at the studio they aren't there. Am I missing something?

BaMedia responds:

Ok, that's completely my f-up. I should have set that to a warning msg for the next release. Technically, two from now, but I really fumbled on managing this. I didn't intend to keep those menu options open. Thanks for pointing it out. I'm sure it's frustrating. I'll sneak in their scenes early for the next free release if I can make it work properly. Thx

when i look out the window i get black flashes when i move the mouse.

BaMedia responds:

Yeah, that's mentioned in the comments. Been working all morning trying to hack this thing, but so struggling. We'll figure it out eventually, fingers crossed. In the meantime, you can download the free version and run the game without any of these issues. I'll try to have a better fix by the next update. Thx!

very laggy

Can't play due to all the flickering.

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2.85 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2019
11:46 AM EDT
Adventure - Other