Bovine Origins

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Bev's home alone with Brian. Maybe they can find ways to kill time....together

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NIce music.

is that a cow?

Very nice music choice. I like her purple hair and maid outfit. I like the shadows on the furniture the characters and the consistent lighting throughout. I like 0:19 with the introduction with the chest rubbing and a very smooth transition to a blowjob. I also like how he's holding the table for support when she starts rubbing his dick. It would be better without the smacking sound effect 0:27, but that's just a pet peeve. I like how at 0:30 she's leaned over and how on 0:32 we get a glimpse of her smiling. 0:36 I liked how her left leg was up on the counter, that he had his hand on her left butt cheek and how she had a cooing kind of facial expression. 0:37 I like the shot at her cleavage and her right hand on the table. 0:38 I love the legs wrapped atound his waist and the split second of doggystyle with cum leaking out of her vagina and how he needed his arms to support him not falling on her. 0:39 great physics with her rack moving forward. I like 0:39-0:40 closeup then zoomed out. 0:41-0:44 great 3 perspectives with the titfuck. The one showing her face is my favorite because I can admire more of her body as a whole. I liked also seeing it from his perspective because it makes it feel. more like a POV. 0:44 again, love the boob physics and when you zoomed out to her face which also made me notice her nose ring, nice touch even if I'm not a fan of it. 0:46-0:47 perfect physics with her ass cheeks and boobs. 0:51 love how her eyes look at me\\the camera 0:51 great cumshot.

Honestly I saw this 8 hours ago, but there was so much happening in so little time, I decided to write my review later. Excellent job, but feels more like a trailer than a movie,m which is still hot, but may want to put "TRAILER" next time

It's pretty awesome, well done.

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2.88 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2019
3:50 AM EDT