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Tales from Arcadia - Easter Special

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Once again Admiral Cheeseburger and his unlikely partner Squirrel Boots find themselves on a strange new quest, this time joined by Boots' young niece., Mittens. Strangeness awaits in this sort of Easter, sort of Christmas adventure.

Special thanks to the wonderfully talented cast. They do such an amazing job bringing these characters to life.

Written and Directed by
Brent Bunn & Kolby Avery

Artwork by
Brent Bunn
Kolby Avery
Kamen Bandito

Animation by
Brent Bunn

Stphen J. Pena as
Admiral Cheeseburger

Trinatan as
Squirrely Boots

Caroline Wells as

Austin Davis as
Munch the Rabbit
Ernest the Crazy Chipmunk

Special Thanks to
Stephen J. Pena
Austin Davis

Newgrounds ▶ https://bertn1991.newgrounds.com/
YouTube ▶ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWyMmoJ5cS61Hando2POqWw
DeviantArt ▶ http://yonderho.deviantart.com/
DTube ▶ https://d.tube/#!/c/guy-in-orange
Music Channel ▶ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd8j5AXoPs_peW1lfcsX6IA
Soundcloud ▶ https://soundcloud.com/brent-bunn
Yonder Ho Facebook ▶ https://www.facebook.com/Yonder-Ho-320938731376589/

Stay Squirrely!!

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Man, this is a big collab. Stronger VA here.

Seems you make a lot of animations. I dunno if I'll ever be able to sift through it all. >.<

I'm assuming the other vids I watched were much older. Or I'm smoking crack. This seems better. Too bad it was real brief haha. Funny story, I'm allergic to Hawaiian Pizza. So I feel the same animosity.

The jokes are not bad either.

The shoe being a lot smaller, hitting the (literal) camel toe got me good.

6:28 was a cool dark turn. Nice music there.

"It's not Christmas!!"

And... the stupid groundhog...I could go on. There's a lot of good 4th wall jokes here. Lots of variety in the characters and they show some pretty dark sides rofl.

"Merry Easter!!

Bertn1991 responds:

Aww, thanks so much! The voice actors in this show do fantastic work. I don't have much interaction with them, but they always do a wonderful job bringing these characters to life. So glad you enjoyed our little Easter / Christmas special :-)

HAPPY EASTER that was a great toon for Easter wow! keep up the great work please!

The characters are pretty well made, ill give you that. Not a bad animation overall, and it was enjoying to watch.

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2019
5:41 PM EDT