Max gives Cassie a blowjob

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This scene was based off a 'patron suggestion', check my patreon for more details on how that works.

Keep in mind it's 480p but Newgrounds doesn't work with 480p, so the '720p' option is actually just 480p but 'stretched' and colors might be a bit off. (Please Newgrounds, add 480p, so that I don't have to mention that I also upload to pornhub, and that it does work with that resolution there. Oops!)

Next scene will be back to Nualia vs Nualia, then another scene with Max and Cassie, as I'm focusing on 'quickies' now, and divided the original request in two parts. This took longer to come here because from now on all projects (or at the very least all the 'quickies') will be avaliable 1 week earlier on patreon. Don't worry, I'll still make a public version of every single one of my projects, I just wanted to offer a bit more than higher resolutions to those that support me (more directly) and pretty much help me believe I can keep doing these and that it might pay off with time.

Once again thank you for your time and enjoy the show!

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I like the character choice in this, always nice to see these characters after all the hubub a few years ago. While I do think that the idea is cool I think you might need to work more on some little details (like maybe curving in Max's mouth so that it looks like shes sucking on it, rather then her mouth being slightly agape). Other then that the animation is pretty decent, a tiny bit of jank but that's it. I like the cum shot although maybe it'd be cool to see some dribbling down her chin? It only seems like you've shown one strand of it and thats it.

Audio wise you probably could use some ambient noises to cover up the sharp cuts on the (clearly male) sound dude making the sucking and slurping noises (and some voice rips from the game if you are so willing to do so). The sounds vary in volume and quality throughout and it can be quite distracting in its inconsistency. Maybe try and look for an audio pack of female sex noises, or maybe hire a voice actress? Really I do think that if you focus on the sound it would be pretty great in addition to the animation.

overlordalissa responds:

Yeah, for the sound I need to kind of study a bit to know how to handle it, but it really is the part I have the least fun messing around with. Plus having someone do the voices is impossible for now, I don't have the resources. Oh, and I really don't want to use the original voices...unlike models, that are made by other artists, clips are a straight 'rip' from the games...I know it might not be a big deal, since all my animations are released for free even if I do have a patreon, but I just, I'd rather avoid it for now. I don't know, I think I'm going to experiment having no sound for some of my videos because it seems like I'm not improving at all and I really don't want to focus on that yet, I'd rather perfect animation first, make it 100% fluid and less 'jank'. As for the curving in the mouth I'm not 100% sure what you mean though, can you explain in more detail or show an example?

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Apr 21, 2019
3:16 AM EDT