The Feasting Room

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Feast feast feast! Your hunger for all is insatiable. Eat everything that comes in your way and find yourself.

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good concept but it would be quite hard to expand/improve with future development

pretty decent game. But as everyone keeps saying, it was a bit bland.

boring, and bland. if you dont know how to play, i have but one word... agar.io.

I managed to fill up all the upgrades, and I must say, the ending was rather anti-climatic. The game itself was quite well made, other than the fact its just the same sprite recolored with no backgrounds or diversity. It would have been a little better to give it a little storyline than make it bland. It managed to keep me interested to max the upgrades and see the ending, but it just ends up disappointing me. Still, it's a good and addictive game.

Interesting premise, but a bit bland. The messages on the left drew me in, but I would have liked to see them make an actual difference. For example, maybe as you gain sight images in the background start to become visible. The ending also felt a little bit lackluster. The game was clearly building to something with these creepy "it festers inside" messages, but didn't really pay off in a satisfying way. I'd like to see the creepy factor kicked up a notch.

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2.98 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2019
7:29 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid