Empress Claudia - Part 1

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Empress Claudia part 1 - is the 1st of a 2 part game extracted from our main game The Legend of LUST, which can be downloaded and played freely.
It features Empress Claudia from he Sun Empire and the Demon Lust.
It comes with several foreplay options and 4 sex modes to choose from.
Enjoy ;)

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Ha ha, - you guys!

Well, let's start with a couple of criticisms that are not really criticisms .... a) what a tease! (at this stage) leaving us hovering at the gates of paradise!; b) ideally, slightly bigger in the mammary department, and lots of pubic fuzz (ready to glisten with fluids), but you know, you can't satisfy all customers, or you end up satisfying none.

I take the point made elsewhere about more facial expressions would be neat (also eyes alternating between "hooded" and "flaring"? ... but they are there in some of the (pre-)actions, and quite subtle (love her face as she's turkey-slapped, btw - not as subtle, but how would it be? ;) ), so, unless the High Princess Cleoaudia Clitora adopts a rigidly stony face as the mini-game continues, and the serious penetration of her starts, I would not rush to criticize there.

"flicking" (bronzethrowaway) is a quick flipping, or "snippy-snapping" movement with a finger or fingers.

I believe b.th. is looking for not just caressing, stroking, preparation, in other words, but for the demon guy to give her some quick/thrilling digital excitations. (Not digital as in virtual .... :D ) So that she gasps, and probably also gets moister ... nerve-end sensual priming, anticipation.

Okay, to the more serious stuff. The positives.

What I love about you guys' work is the attention to detail. Physiological and also psychological (or at least behavioristic, if that's the word - how people, the women especially, who are the actual stars of the drama, subtly react in their body language, poses and gestures).

Mentioned already the subtle facial indications. Raised eyebrows &the involuntary opening of her mouth once she's being fingered ...

But those subtly yielding vulva, parting labia and exposed circled clit are great. Fine detail. In both senses of fine.

Her bottom and thighs are beautifully shaped - care was taken in that artwork too. She has really strapping calves - suiting a fit, athletic princess, and making the "conquest" she desires with her spreadeagled legs and pretend-calm face all the more satisfying!

Very sexy, how she spreads herself as wide as possible. And that is well caught in the artwork, too.

I said "fine" - the fact she keeps some last vestiges of strapping on only makes her more completely naked, paradoxically. And the jeweled ornaments at the ends of the locks of her hair are another nice touch. (I'd almost wish her to be wearing an optional crown!)

I've focused only on the girl - sorry, the princess - and said nothing about the demon guy. Well, he is just the (essential) support act really, isn't he! Nice rich veining in his slapstick-size cock, matter-of-fact way he takes possession of the princess as his conquest ... for all that, he has a sensitive, expert lover's woman-softening touch when he feels like it. maybe he's the demon that won the "seduction skills of the year" Oscar!

Keep up your mad fantasy work!


Thank you PPE2 for your detailed review. Very glad you like our work and that you noticed some of the more subtle details we put in.
We do plan to put in more expressions with part 2 and we are currently working on the penetration animations and a crazy bugle that will go with them.
Yeah "bronze" did send us a message explaining what he meant precisely and yes, it is not as good as we intended it to be although we did a lot of work on it.
Yeah it is a bit of a tease indeed, sorry about that. Not really done intentionally as we kinda worked and produced it chronologically, so from foreplay to main action. Anyway, it now looks like a pretty good place to stop for part 1 leaving a bit of space for imagination and anticipation.
Glad you like the model and that the feelings and attitudes that we wanted to transmit (like in the intro) came across perfectly. I can infer this from your description as it matches what we imagined and wanted to create during production. Happy also to hear that you like the small graphic details we added and yes, we also did think about adding the crown (another long story that I won't get into). Great also that you got all that from how we designed the demon Lust, it is pretty much what we where hoping for so, great.
Thank you PPE2, we look forward to your review of part 2 and thanks for the great rating. Much appreciated.
Cheers ;)

I like the branching out into the different animations rather than just hardcore, but it's much harder to convey the eroticism. For example, the Empress needs to really react to the ministrations in terms of facial expressions, and there needs to be a flicking action rather than generic circular motions. Right now it's ok, but when done well it's really rewarding.


Hey Bronze,
thanks for leaving a feedback. Could you elaborate more regarding what you mean by "flicking"?
You will be glad to know that we are adding new facial expressions with part2. Currently we have 2 animated mouth models plus eye and eyebrow animations. We plan to add new animations to the existing elements and add 1 or 2 new ones with the coming update.

nice part 1 cant wait for part 2 and are you going to add a blowjob in part 2


Hi judeshano,
thanks for checking part 1 out and for leaving a review.
Glad you like it so far. Blowjob is currently under discussion, we are not yet sure if we will implement that mainly for 2 reasons. 1st the last game we released was focused solely on that and 2nd we wanted to focus on pussy penetration with this one. Anyway, we will see where part 2 takes us, there are things we know we are going to introduce and are already in production while there are others being evaluated. The main constraints are time and budget. We want to release part 2 in May and we want to add a lot of stuff.
Anyway, thanks for dropping in and leaving a great rating ^^
Cheers ;)

Looks good so far. Gotta be the only porn game ever to feature Ravel's Bolero in the background lol


hehe yeah indeed. The feel was kind of inspired by the orgy scene in the old Conan movie.
Anyway, glad you like it so far, currently working on part 2 which will come sometime next month.
Thanks for the great rating ;)
Cheers ^^

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