Shadow Puppet Horror Theatre

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Support future horror: https://www.patreon.com/ShadowPuppetHorrortheatre
Follow us on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/PuppetHorror
Animation by Seth Whitehurst
Music by Kirk Markarian
SPHT profile picture designed by Chris Mckiernan

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Recognizing just those latter bits of this here, seems like there's still plenty left to see... though was pretty sure I'd seen one of these things under a different name. Hmm, namechange? Twas a number before right...?


ShadowPuppetHorror responds:

Yep, changed the name!

A channel trailer, nice

p good i guess

Yes, let us support future horror, since this a reel of clips seen before.

ShadowPuppetHorror responds:

You can support past horror too if you want.

Horror is my favorite genre. I love horror. However, I can be picky. I DO have my preferences. It's ok for what it is. A collage of different types of horrors. I would be more interested in the expansion of just one. Actually, picking one and creating a story for it.

Accept for zombies. Everybody and they're brother is doing zombies. I'm zombie'd out. Lol

ShadowPuppetHorror responds:

Thanks! I do plan on narrowing down the content going forward....but that still might include zombies.