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The Love Contract Pt.1

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So I thought I try some Romance, and it's probably going to be bad. However, no reason not to try. Thanks for watching, and I'm listening to all comments and help.

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donde esta el porno >:v si es calificación"A"

not bad

Alright, so I think the writing is good. Voice acting is also good. The art work can improve over time, dont get discouraged and keep practicing!

Va-ing can do alot for a animation.

7:34 I like that "jumpscare" scene *wink wink*. Anyway I like the style think there could be a new series brewing, please don't get discouraged by offensive or negative feedback... Other than that keep up the good work and knock yourself out :P If you could next time make the human caucasian brunette audio slightly louder next time, her voice doesn't match the other characters... Thanks for doing this.