Blue in : Jurassic Camping (SOUND WARNING)

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Back when I started "In the raptors' nest" AKA Scene 100, I had a different scenario in mind. I was going for multiple scenes with multiple scenery and multiple situations.... yeah, definitly out of my league! Before refocusing on the actual orgy scene, I started an alternate opening, which I did advance nicely before scrapping it out for lack of motivation. ... ... but I did kept the file :P
And so I decided to continue it the way I intended back then! And here it is! What you could call a scene 100 deleted scene XD
Here comes a real passionate and tender close moment with Blue the raptor, who decided to enjoy very softly this intimate moment. Massage, fingering, penetration, all for her pleasure!

Blue model from the "ARK: Survival Evolved" game. Textures made by Dragon-V0942. (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/dragon-v0942/) Thanks a lot man!

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i've always loved seeing your blue works man. they've been a guilty pleasure of mine owo do keep going!

Poor Blue.

Add some round ass n tits to them ;D

The look she does when she's enjoying it. like she's high on something. lol

Definitely something different than what I always/usually see.

Guess that's why I gave it a 5/5.

Good raptor, I like how she got mad when he stopped