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Before you view this movie:
Please do not spam me. Please do not flame me. Please do not make threats on my life. PLEASE KNOW THAT THIS MOVIE HAS THE ENDORSEMENT OF 8-BIT THEATHER'S CREATOR.

A LOT of people put hard work into this. I want to thank Maridia for putting up with me, AntonioPizza for pushing me, and Viper for being the middleman. Thanks to all the voice actors as well- Cotmm-68030, Rhyos, and even Compyfox.

This is a comic originally scripted by Brian Clevinger and I want to thank him for giving me permission to do this. Please! Visit his site at www.nuklearpower.com. He is the original author of what you see. I'll mention it again- Brian gave me permission, Brian am good man, Me likey Brian. Please, no more death threats. I'm sorry if you got the impression that I wasn't given permission to do this- I was. Sword Chucks Yo.

Oh, and if any of you are in a giving mood (tis the season), then click the paypal link in the movie to make a donation. Please no more than a dollar or two though. We're monsters but we're not monsters about it (8-bit ep 11).
Thanks for the donations guys:
L. Battistini
J. Sowers
A. Setlak (where's my cruise?)
J. Henley
D. Vlaikidis
R. Bowers

For more information on the voice of Black Mage, visit http://remix.overclocked.
org/detailremixer.php?mix erid=5


This made me laugh even though I have never played the game this comic is based off of but judging by the tags, it's final fantasy.

OOh, yay! really, really good!

That was really good

\/ Um guy on bottom you know this was made in 2002 and is a Flash version of a Webcomic *facepalm* Don't judge the flaw's so lightly without checking your sources thank you for your understanding.

This was presented very nicely. The music was perfect and was very nicely put in. It ran smooth and in sync with the events preceeding in the movie. The characters were funny and interesting, I was surprised how well you put together all these sprites and made it feel like the whole world of Final Fantasy was wrapped up inside this funny movie. This video actually reminds me a lot of 8-bit D&D, I'm not sure whether you were the creator or not, I'm going to check it out after I'm done this. The dialogue was nice and clearly written, the plot was very interesting as well. The timing was a lot longer than I expected and actually has me sort of interesting in the series.

There were multiple sound pauses like the constant pausing after certain long lengths of dialogue had went by. More characters should have been introduced and after awhile it was kind of boring at times to see the same two characters walking a long that same little pathway, more elements or scenery could have been shown, especially since the sprite scenery seems to be one of your true talents I'm highly recommend it.

A great pilot for the series, didn't really leave a replay appeal on me but it does sort of make me want to check out some more episodes seeing how great you put the audio into this and how beautiful you've made 8-bit sprite scenery look. Very well done, hope to see more work from you!


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4.26 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2002
2:08 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature December 13, 2002