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Chibi Inu

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Start a journey in a fantasy world, summon powerful partners to conquer this world.

======= Control Support =======
Keyboard & Xbox controller

AWSD or arrows /left joystick to move
Space/A to jump
B/X open summoning book(in check points)
Z or J /LB to summon partner in slot 1
X or K/RB to summon partner in slot 2(Slot 2 unlock after boss 2)
ESC/Pause to open pause menu
C/Y to skip dialogue

========= Edits ===========
Update 1.1:
-Added support for arrow control
-Allowed jump action with w, up arrow, or space key
-Buffed players health from 2 to 3
-Fixed minor bugs with the UI
-Improved the create file name window to allow the use of keyboard keys

========= Credits ==========

-Luis Luna
-Wayne Zhu

-Luis Luna

-Carolee Nguyen

Sound Design & Composition
-Kristen Campbell

-Brandon Wilcox

Keyboard Menu Art


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muy bueno el juego

I love the graphics! They're super cute and very well done. I also love the partner system, it reminds my a little bit of paper mario where they each have unique abilities in the overworld. The only thing I might complain about is that the platforming feels a little stiff, but otherwise it's really nice.

Cute and charming, but a little clunky on the controls; jumping and character selecting were a bit confusing. The graphics were beautiful but odd at the same time: it never felt like the character sprites belonged in the world; there was something off about their pixelization or animation or something that made them not fit in properly; sorry I'm a bit vague on that.

I LOVe the art. I have a thing for pixel art. But I wish it was an rpg like Link to the Past instead. Not enough of those with deep story... ;(
Also, jumping is hard. shouldn't be that hard with the mechanic you've implemented. Over-complication for the sake of it is just lazy. Don't do that. But I like this game!

absolutely love the artwork