Chibi Inu

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Start a journey in a fantasy world, summon powerful partners to conquer this world.

======= Control Support =======
Keyboard & Xbox controller

AWSD or arrows /left joystick to move
Space/A to jump
B/X open summoning book(in check points)
Z or J /LB to summon partner in slot 1
X or K/RB to summon partner in slot 2(Slot 2 unlock after boss 2)
ESC/Pause to open pause menu
C/Y to skip dialogue

========= Edits ===========
Update 1.1:
-Added support for arrow control
-Allowed jump action with w, up arrow, or space key
-Buffed players health from 2 to 3
-Fixed minor bugs with the UI
-Improved the create file name window to allow the use of keyboard keys

========= Credits ==========

-Luis Luna
-Wayne Zhu

-Luis Luna

-Carolee Nguyen

Sound Design & Composition
-Kristen Campbell

-Brandon Wilcox

Keyboard Menu Art


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Once I reach the Great Castle level, performance completely tanks on my mac and the game becomes unplayably laggy. Sometimes it's immediate on loading the level, other times it kicks in once the beams come on screen. If I press ESC, the menus are lag-free.

Not sure how to get past the rock where you meet john. It says press x and left but nothing I press is working. Did I miss something, or can I just not read what it ACTUALLY says?
Other than that issue, it's a cute game. I just wish I could get further in it...

Edit: the "B" key should be made a lot clearer in-game. A lot of other controls also are not explained in-game. Yes, having them in the description helps, but a game shouldn't have to rely on the description to explain the controls to the player.

LunaLuna responds:

while standing on a checkpoint, if you have unlocked a partner a bubble will appear indicating you can press B key to open a book. You use the book to summon partners, so while the book is open if you press X it will summon the current page partner into your slot1. After you press B to close the book, you can now use x to cast the ability of your partner. Hope this helps, enjoy the game!

For some reason in the third stage, you can just walk to the left of the giant slime and fall off into oblivion.

Very nice and challenging platforming. My only problem was the wall-jumping, unless I was doing it wrong, it's really wonky and hard to do well. The music great and fits along the level quite well.

Very fun game! The graphics are amazing (particularly love the backdrops and slime sprites) and the music works well doing a good job of adding atmosphere to the game, however, as many other reviews mention the controls can be difficult to handle, particularly with long wall jumping segments where by the time I was actually able to complete the wall jumping segment my hand would be tired. I also assume this was a glitch but during the slime boss fight, I was able to run through all the enemies and bullets without taking damage. The controls and game do run fluidly though, despite some issues with difficulty curve in the wall jumps, as well as the fact that when wall jumping the wall pushes you away from it which creates difficulty when trying to jump up from the wall, and Hans' ability. I did however really love the moving platform segments in the village level, and the boss fight as it required some amount of rythm and the coin challenges providing extra reward.
Overall really good game that could use some control tweaking but definitely something i'd recommend playing!

Credits & Info

3.51 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2019
7:15 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop