Digital Gay Monsters (M+F)

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One of my new animations featuring a little genderbending gag. Hope you like both styles!

Art - Blitzdrachin @FA

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Makes the title incorrect, but, its kinda decent.
Animations is a little wonky with the drag and drop style.
Due to angle, its literally just 1 layer hidden. So... while a decent idea, its kinda moot.

UPDATE: The gimmic is a nice "solution" to it. But, as said: Kinda moot as basically nothing change. And like said: It can do with an actually fitting title.
Like... I dunno, "Digital Anal Monsters. (M/M + M/F)

Jasonafex responds:

Understandable. Artist Blitzdrachin requested both a male and female variant Rather than upload the same animation twice, came up with a little gimmick.