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Two cavewomen try and survive in a perilous wasteland, where gargantuan beasts rule.
Will they fight their way through in this prehistoric fantasy adventure?


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I kind of hate this a little more than I should. Maybe that is because of the "man bad" & "wamen power" symbolism behind it on a stage set where lesbians probably have yet to exist. But then again, I'm not a fan of the subliminal message of "loose your penis privileges" if you have any primordial sexual urges that would only work set on a stage in that era in the first place. We can't work with double standards here, it is confusing for everyone who at least has a little bit of critical thought when watching it. I mean, lets both be honest here. The animation is an animation and as any animation should be, it should tell a story. The problem about this animation is that it does not tell a story. All this animation did was and I quote, "Two cavewomen try and survive in a perilous wasteland, where gargantuan beasts rule" besides that, there is absolutely nothing about this animation that makes this a story. I could sum this up if I had to. "This is a 23 minuet video about 2 lesbian cavewomen who go about their daily lives." That is what I would say. These characters never really were in any peril and apparently the women who can't carry one another can also somehow cut a massive beast's tail off. That makes 0 sense seeing how cutting the cloth is what would have really happened... Anywho, all in all, the animation is a good one. I don't care about that part or how repetitive it was. What sold me the animation was about the part how you managed to lie about telling a story when you already told it in the description. ...You had so much potential only for it to become a waste.


this is why i love newgrounds, pure, uncensored and amazing animation that you won't find on youtube

This is so awesome! I loved the story, animation, music, characters, honestly everything! I've been interested in your work since your concept art a year ago or so. Great job on all of it! Oh and my favorite creatures were the frog-lizard things, they were adorable!

very lovingly and detailed, nice work.
Im high as a kite as I write these words.
Just, dude.