Eight Chairs Eight Bullets

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A very simple game I thought of when I was just playing my older games. I wanted to see my idea in action, so I made it quickly on Flash and here it is. I see it more as a proof in concept and an experiment than as an actual full game. I can see this more as a minigame in a game that's not made in Flash.

I don't really expect much from it because it was just a quick experiment, but it's definitely something I wanted to share to people.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the quick fun, and I'd love to hear from anyone about the concept itself.

A shotgun is loaded with 8 bullets, but one of them is a dud that will not go off. There are 8 chairs seated with 8 people, but one of them is you. A simple coin flip determines whether the shooter shoots from the right or to the left. In this chance game, you need to sit on the right seat to prevent you from dying.

Heads means the shooter shoots to the right
Tails means the shooter shoots to the left

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Neat little thing. Nothing too exceptional, just exactly what you'd expect. Good 5 minute toy

Somehow your coin is biased for tails. 9 times in a row I survived because I sat on the Heads side. Or I just got really lucky 1 in 512 chance.
Anyway good concept, interesting that the gun jammed mostly after 5 or 6 shots.
Not really fun, but the exercise in probability with violent outcomes works well as an experiment in visceral creation.

it jams so often but ok

Interesting game. It's simple enough, but the premise of is just entertaining for a experiment.

It would be nice if there's medal support however!

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2.83 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2019
12:26 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid