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Parallel Space

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Author Comments

After reading all the reviews I made some small Adjustments:
Updated the controls & added a Mut button.

Parallel Space


Arrow keys or (r,t,g,f) to move

Click or press "Space" to rotate the world

Be sure to play with audio!

Is this parallel universe, there is no perspective distortion, if it looks like you can walk on it, you can! Try to reach the flag to complete the level.

This is part of a Series where I make one Game every month. This one is inspired by Monument Valley, a beautiful game about architecture and impossible geometry, mixed with some Daft Punk vibes.

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i'd have to agree with a lot of other reviews here, if this were labelled as a demo it would get a higher rating. in its current state, it just feels unfinished

Poor guy

So very stylish.

this is like the demo of monument valley.

If this had been billed as a demo, I'd give it five stars, plus abject pleas for more levels. As it is presented as a "finished" game, I have to give it a less-than-stellar review. Just as it was getting really interesting, it ended.

I tell you what, though -- I'm heading off right now to see what other games you have on Newgrounds. I like the mindset behind this sort of game.