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Deimos wakes up and realizes that his alarm didn't wake him up for his important mission. Realizing that Sanford left without him, he decides the next best option would be public transport.
Deimos rushes to the local bus stop and waits. "I hope Sanford is OK!"
(I didn't have time to upload this here on April Fools day, so you're just gonna have to deal with it, ok?)

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All my time Watching madness combat, I have never had such a breathtaking experience watching this. I almost cried it was that good. The Animation is the best in the entire series with sequences that blows out any other animation in Madness Combat. The Action, Put John Wick to shame, I guess you can say it was absolutely "Breathtaking". Everytime Deimos smoked a Cigarette, I felt that, I felt that hard. I was so pumped, every breath he took out of his cigarette. The absolute smoothness when he got on the bus, Frame by Frame, Absolutely stunning. The ending absolutely destroyed my emotions as I saw Deimos, My favorite Madness character, died in a bus crash into a building. I legit went to the bathroom and vomited and I was crying to hard. My mom came to me and asked me "What's wrong dear?" and I looked up, Vomit all over my shirt and tears of sadness and me screaming and hollaring "DEIMOS DIED IN A BUS CRASH!!!!" and she did the same. It took me weeks, and many months to be able to have the guts to come back here and say, This was the best animation i've ever seen in my entire life and I want to thank you for giving us a Best piece of artwork you have given to us, It puts everything to the side as this animation sits on top of the throne as everyone else praises it.

holy moly

oh shit im late for work

A most daring antithesis of the madness series in 10 minutes.

The ending still caught me off guard though.


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3.72 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2019
4:17 AM EDT