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Himiko Toga Thighfuck

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Fan Suggestion. I hope you all enjoy. Come Follow me on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/ShamelessDeeg.

Taking Commisions aswell!

Ultimate male by Shaotek. https://sfmlab.com/item/467/

School club space by https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=304197139 … … …

Toga by ChrisCross https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1665166670 … … …

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you couldn't be anymore truthfully correct.
but with that being said, animating stuff like 3D animation loops is a lot harder for beginners, and it should be rated way higher for experts but honestly its just going to be viewed the same as a "effortless" loop, we could see this in the movie portal as a smooth 2D animation and not get as much recognition as you would get with a 3D animation, i find that confusing but at the same time i realize that 2D animation can be a lot harder but im sure that it would do better than this without sound or a background.

Ive seen 3D hentai's on NG up to 1-10 minutes with a storyline and key animation/production skill executed very well and only get fucking 3.5 stars just because it was "lazy hentai loop"
so to answer your question, everyone is probably doing the least amount of work possible because the viewers are giving a least amount of fucks.

ShamelessDegenerate responds:

I didn't even disagree with his general thoughts. Just his way of taking them out on me personally.

We can all agree that we judge things on how we see them. We don't know what went into them unless specified explicitly. So to call any ones work Lazy is cruel and frankly counterproductive.

The way I would review work similar to mine with his ideals on show is as follows.

"While your animation loop is short and simple it is executed well. I do wish it was longer and had some more variation. Having a finish would be even better and set yourself apart from other animators and animations. I give you a 3/5 not because its bad but because I want to see more and I know you can improve it even further" (For the record Achieving a 3/5 for me is great.)

I don't blame him for making an assumption. But he could also have left the score and taken his thoughts and made a blog post so that it wasn't intrinsically putting me down. I have improved in the last 3 months so a loop like this is done within 3-4 hours. A fellow animator and friend took 2 weeks to make something similar. They are just starting to learn and spent time refining and perfecting it. So if he had taken his thoughts shoved it at them. It would have crushed them and made them feel worthless.

So my response was more so thinking of others more then myself. Because I can take the Ego hit. My friend or someone else just starting may not.

I want to re-affirm that I don't disagree with him. Only his tone and method of critique.

Thanks @mslewd

@ss4flamealchemist just please don't go throwing shit at people learning. Even if its for smut. They are people who are trying sometimes.

Getting better every day Deeg!!

What is with all these lazy hentai loops lately? Is everyone trying to do the least amount of work possible, or do people not know how to make animated gifs? Anyway... There's almost nothing to this one, and it really should be an animated gif. There's no sound, from the people or music in the animation, so that pretty much makes this feel like an animated gif already.

You guys need to try and put more effort into these. Looping a 3-7 second animation requires almost no effort, and isn't really worthy of being an animation. If you're going to do an animation, you need to try and make it a real animation rather than just throwing something together in half an hour and calling it a day. Some sound, some music, and preferrably a better loop.

Some of the better loops change camera angles so it doesn't just loop the same animation, and some even figure out how to make the animations last a little longer, like throwing in slightly different animations now and then that aren't so random. These kinds of loops should also have a real finish to them (Not an "ending", but a "finish"). You can easily loop the animation with all of this, and you can make the animation 30 seconds to a minute and a half which still makes a good loop.

The best I can say is the art looks okay. And at least you tried with changing the position of the camera.

@ShamelessDegenerate @MsLewd

Don't misunderstand my review. Loops CAN be done well. I'm not saying all loops are bad or effortless. I'm just saying that loops like this are the wrong way to go about making a loop, and they look lazy when they don't even have any sound, music or only last 3-6 seconds. I'm not saying it can't be done well. There are plenty of examples of good hentai loops on this site. You just have to be willing to do it right and put in the effort.

If anything, I want something like animations like this to be good. And I think that this has potential as does a lot of loops. I want to see animations like this succeed, but I'm also not going to give it a false high score it doesn't deserve. I gave it a 2 instead of a zero or a 1 because I thought the art/models were good, but there wasn't much else to comment on.\

Edit: I'm not sure if you two will see this edit, since I don't know how the review system has been changed in recent years, but I hope you see this and realize I mean no ill intent. I am just giving an honest review and advice for improving. That's what the review section is for. Just because I feel this is lazy doesn't mean that I am trying to say you suck or anything. That's not my intent. I'm trying to help you succeed. And I don't mean to sound like an asshole, but negative criticism is always going to sound that way.

ShamelessDegenerate responds:

I appreciate the feedback and I understand where you are coming from.

But you also need to understand that people may want to work and animate like this. It's very common for people to enjoy these and when you animate to your target audience you may not to someone else's. Clearly you are not my audience. That is fine.

Now you are well with your rights to say what you say and not all of it is unfair. But your tone and focus on lazyness clearly is a sign of your bias. If you would like to know a bit more about me and why these are short. Here Is some info.

I enjoy (shocking really) making very simple loops that capture a character well. It's what my audience likes too. I also animate these as practise and every single one of these I make helps me make the next longer one better because I have practised timing and motion for something I've not done before.

I am by no means a sound man and my attempts at sound are gross so I "focus" on the animations to capture my auidence and I try to keep to a schedule. I put two of these length animations (wraith futa if you need proof) out today after finishing college (where I also was animating for 9 hours) as they were requests. I uploaded them here as well because its nice to share and let others give feedback (that is helpful and not just an attack on a person's character that you don't know).

I am fully capable of making longer animations and my longer animations are better for practising like this.

So if you are going to throw a critique at me. Throw it at me about my movement and make it useful to me. Just because you think it might be lazy doesn't mean it I haven't put effort in and enjoyed making it. You don't get to decide what an animation is to me and others. It can be as much as mine or as long as the Incredibles. Everyone starts somewhere.

I wrote this response because I hope you never take your spiteful views and aim them towards anyone else who enjoys making what they make.

Thank you for your feedback and enjoy your day. I shall certainly be enjoying mine making more of these because I like them and they make me...happy? Yeah. Fucking happy :)


PS I would ask you to reconsider your score but I am aware you probably won't. Welcome to prove me wrong tho. Kisses.

crazy=automatic sexy

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3.05 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2019
7:09 PM EDT