Azurael's Circle: Chapter 4

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NOTE: This is a free demo of the full game. You'll find about half the game here and the full game can be bought on Itch.io or Steam.

You are Ryan Lynch, a computer programmer from Virginia. After a party at your house you awaken to find your neighbours missing and a bloodstain on one of their driveways. You must search your neighbourhood to find out what happened and also work out who the shadowy figure following you is.

Azurael's Circle: Chapter 4 is a horror-mystery adventure game. Explore your neighbourhood in Greyburrow and work out what happened to your neighbours as the pieces of the Azurael puzzle finally start to be revealed. Use the items you find to further your search and solve puzzles unravel the plot.

- Z is Interact
- X is Open Menu/Back
- Arrow Keys is Movement

There is a mouse control option, however, due to the engine the interactive objects will be located on the closest wall boundary.

The game should run completely fine on Chrome and Firefox. You may experience audio issues with Edge and from my own testing, Internet Explorer and Brave aren't compatible. An executable version of the game can be found on Steam or Itch.io which shouldn't have the same issues.

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This series reminds me a ton of The Last Door. Were you at all inspired by that series of games?

TheEnkian responds:

The first chapter definitely was, but as the series progressed I feel like it went off in a different direction.

Neat game, I encountered a bug though.
At the very beginning, after I finished the starting dialogue with the party members, if I enter the kitchen (which I should), but leave again without talking to Anna, I re-enter the living room with a black screen. It seems I can still walk around and interact with the people, the text bobbles are showing whenever needed, but the rest stays black. Even if I navigate my way back into the kitchen. I had to reload the site and start over (which isn't bad of course, since it was the beginning anyway), but the bug reoccured when I tried to redo it. I had to refresh the page again and talk to Anna for the black screen to not show up again. It didn't happen again for the rest of the demo.
It's not that much of a bad bug, since it doesn't stop me from playing the game the way it should be played, but it could leave a bad first impression for people who like looking around a lot and testing things out (like me) :P

TheEnkian responds:

Noted! I'll have that added to the list for the next patch. Much appreciated that you've reported it :)

omg i need more so badly. i will defiantly be getting the full game

TheEnkian responds:

It's currently up on itch.io! The first three are all already available both there and on Steam :)

I loved this game! I really can't wait for the full release. It was very mysterious and easy to follow along with. Honestly one of the better pixel games I've played. Loves everything about it. Keep it up!

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks very much! You can actually buy the full game on itch.io (link in description) already if you're eager to play. Chapter 2 and 3 are on sale there and Chapter 1 is free there, here on NG and on Steam. I hope you give them a look and enjoy them as much as this one :)

Looks like a great game had alot of fun. I ran all the way back to my home locked myself in bathroom and hid in the bathtub ingame when i saw the blood on the floor but eventually convinced myself to keep going.

TheEnkian responds:

Ha! That's certainly one way to do it.

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3.49 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2019
5:04 PM EDT
Adventure - Other