The Samurai PART 2

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Music by Kirk Markarian

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@ChrisMckiernan Rather than a time ship, it seems to me like the modern soldiers interrupted the fight between the two tentacled entities. We can't be sure if any of the humanoids we see are/were actually human. From the visuals we are given, it would appear that the "samurai" is the intended target all along. We can only speculate why.

While I enjoyed the twist ending, I found the random flailing of the tentacles in the fight scene humorous, which really took away a lot of the suspenseful atmosphere. Near the end of the video, the way the rifles are held looks a bit odd. The guns look abnormally elongated and seem to be resting above the shoulder. I'm not a gun nut, so I could be misinterpreting things.

Very nice indeed

Wow this is very impressive very nice indeed, I love all the red element of this and the fighting with the animation and sound /FX was very on point some amazing animation and the backround music was fitting I think as an idea you could really make this into a long running animated series but anyways great stuff here.

I think as an idea you could really make this into a long running animated series


Now im confused but the animation itself was really nice and violent, the ending was super unexpected and cool. Can't wait for the third!

Wasn't expecting a second part, but you really took it to a whole new level with this one. Stylish, violent, with once again a highly unexpected end! And a sad one too. At this point I wonder if there might be a third one too... it seems hopeful.


ShadowPuppetHorror responds:

Third one might take a bit longer but I do plan on making it. Thanks for your comments!

I like the direction that the story went in towards the end.

Correct me if I got the story wrong.
So the diseased or tentacled samurai infected the other samurai, and kept him alive up to present day (or at least until the allied invasion of Japan during WWII).

This was overall very cool, and a great conclusion to the first part,