Annoying Adventurers Episode 4 Superhero Action

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-EDIT 27-3-2019- I apologize for the poor lip syncing animation, that’s because the sound was pushed back a little.

The action is coming to town!

Forgotten Credits:

Alf Clausen - The Land Of Chocolate

Special Thanks

A note from ComicalCoAnimations: Cedric From TCC is in it! If you find him, you will get a free wallpaper, with a choice between some Steve The Rapper wallpapers I made!

A note from SteveTheRapper: Wait a minute... is this a fraud???

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Too... early? Didn't really catch the alarm clock thing at the early, but after that: what a trip! So much longer than the earlier ones too. Good entertainment overall, but also some transitions and events that are a bit hard to follow. But you're really getting better with this! :D Reminds me of the Ultimate Showdown a bit... not really but... a bit.

I recognize the music too. Old classic. :) Fits in well, though feels like the sound quality's been compressed a bit? Not sure it needs to be if it was? Otherwise good stuff! Keep it going.


stevetheanimator responds:

I’m so glad you liked this! I put more work and effort into this episode than the other episodes! And thanks! Yes I am getting at animation over these years and I can’t wait till I get a Windows 10 so I can upload more episodes! Thanks for the review!

Awesome and Bradley is in it 😀

stevetheanimator responds:



stevetheanimator responds:

Thank you!

@ComicalCoAnimations What do you mean where is your voice?

ComicalCoAnimations responds:

I dont hear it

It has a charm to it, though I think the art is lacking. It was fun to watch though!

stevetheanimator responds:

I’m 11 so my art lacks sometimes.

Oh my god i love it.
But the character Jack is James's 25 Year old Uncle
in my web show i'm making
And james sometimes wares a Blue Shirt.
But over all i loved it :D

DStar7 responds:

I'm Glad you liked it man

stevetheanimator responds:

I didn’t know, but thanks!

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2.58 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2019
3:38 PM EDT